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Mickella Anderson: Youthlink Writer

Affordable gift ideas to dazzle in any stage of your relationship

Make-up Queen

Youthlink Writer

Chanel Spence

Back-2-school DiYs!

Make-up is now becoming a best friend to every girl out there. How about having your own brand? Here are three easy DIYs; you can model to having your own make-up line! 

You will need:
A) A container
B) A small bowl
C) Olive oil
D) Coco powder/cinnamon powder

10 beauty Prom tips

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Number 1: Hair spray should probably be your best friend. If you are attempting a complicated and even big hairdo on your prom night, be sure to use lots of hair spray so you don't have a hair meltdown. You can even take a small bottle of hair spray and some bobby pins to stay picture-perfect all night long.