Denim it yourself A (DIY) project

Make use of any free time you can find to start a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. In fact, why not try denim-it-yourself – recycling old jeans to create something new or, as Pinterest lovers like myself would say, ‘upcycle’. Denim is easy to work with and durable, even after being washed over and over again; but while those skinny, distressed jeans are your favourite, wearing them constantly does not mean they will adjust to your body as you grow. There are many ways you can repurpose old denim clothing to fit the needs and decor of a room. The material can be used to wrap an exercise book... read more

University bromance blooms into online clothing store

Final-year students at The University of the West Indies, Justin Hall and Lanze White, will graduate in November with more than just degrees. The determined pair have transformed their longtime friendship into a business partnership, launching their online clothing store, Niche Façon, late last year.

Hall, a marketing student, told Youthlink that the two have been friends since attending Kingston College. He shared what he described as a ‘strong aversion’ for loans, something that sparked the spirit of entrepreneurship in him.

He said, “I don’t really like loans. I think it ... read more

5 trendy, protective styles for African hair

Hair for almost everyone is hard to deal with sometimes. With the increasingly popular natural trend, multiple techniques have been shared on how to manage natural hair. Naturalistas and hair gurus are constantly finding ways to keep your hair protected from the terror of breakage, and also also to avoid the bother of constantly having to redo it. Here are five popular hairstyles for African hair that are guaranteed to make hair management just a little easier for us. These styles are known for not only preventing breakage, but also for preserving the hair’s moisture, encouraging faster... read more

Styles trends adopted from Europeans

Style is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives, whether we think we practice it or not. Like a majority of things we’ve grown very used to, very little attention is paid to the origin of style trends, especially by the general public. Whether we take note of it or not, the way we dress reflects a multitude of cultural influences from our past, especially in the diverse Caribbean. Given the significant role Europeans have played in our history, it is only natural that they would have notable influence on our sense of dress. While the true origin of many of our style trends are ambiguous... read more

African Influences on Popular Style trends

As we know undoubtedly in the Caribbean, the African culture is rich and powerful. The power of this culture has allowed it to influence patterns of life all over the world. Fashion in the Caribbean as well as general popular culture was therefore not exempt from African influence. There are certain styles we sport that, despite their possibly ambiguous origins, have a distinctly African influence. 

5. Braids 
The practice of braiding hair has been observed in multiple cultures all over the world. However there is no denying the intensity of the trend in... read more

Beauty of Brass

Many of us love jewellery, but don't have the money to spend on it. What many don't realise is that we can make many of the desired objects with everyday materials. Today, we will learn how to make brass rings using wire. This method can also be done using copper. 

Brass is a golden hued metal made from the elements copper and zinc, and occasionally, other metals. Due to its colour and its unreactive nature, it has been used throughout history for a number of different purposes, from jewellery,  to ornaments,  to weapons. Brass is relatively cheap, and as a result,  it is a good... read more

Laptop Bags: Be smart, Be secure, Be stylish

For most of us, modern technology is undoubtedly a massive part of our lives. No matter where we’re going we always have some form of tech with us, if it’s not our phone then it’s or laptop. As any valuable item does, your laptop needs protection. Have you ever screamed in horror when your phone falls? Now imagine if that was your bigger, more expensive laptop? To prevent such horrors, multiple brands develop and sell various types of laptop bags for top notch laptop protection. Some styles and brands are better than others.  To help narrow your long list of options,  Youthlink is... read more


For most of us, our daily routine for any outing consists of showering, moisturizing, dressing, adjusting our hair, and finally, adding that last touch of fragrance. Many of us Jamaicans call it ‘spray up’ or ‘sweet up’. We tend to choose our scents based and what we find attractive. But do we ever wonder if other people find it attractive? Is the sweet up really sweet for the regular passersby or even the longtime crushes? Youthlink provides some perspective on this through the opinions of a few of our young people on some of today’s most popular fragrances.  Our participants, male and... read more

Grad season's newest gem


Mickella Anderson: Youthlink Writer

Look out Class of 2017 - a fresh and exciting clothing line is poised to dominate and annihilate with some killer looks for the upcoming grad season. Na'Mae is a name to know and designer Georgina Johnson-Jones stopped by Youthlink to tell us why."When you think about graduation season, I want you to think about Na'Mae," shared an enthusiastic Georgina. "I really want to capture that audience (graduates) as mine."The Morant Bay High past student hasn't always had this passion for fashion. She revealed that as a child, her hobbies... read more


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