Five shopping tips that won't have you 'BUST A BALL'

Stephanie Lyew

The modern vs vintage shopper

We gave you the best gowns for the most common body types. Now, are you ready to hit the mall with your mother, sister or friends in search of all your graduation and ball-night needs? This speaks to our vintage (the traditional) shopper, who prefers trying on and modelling every possible option in the store’s dressing room.

And with the advent of online dress shops, there is improved accessibility for the modern shopper. It may be cheaper although not easier to select a faultless gown, but it is definitely a great platform to do the necessary research on the diverse styles, steal designs for a seamstress or dressmaker to make a replica of a gown, and also get the best tips for buying accessories and adding the fine details to make the look complete. Check out these five tips from #youthlinkprom that can work for any female whether she is a modern or vintage shopper, and will make your #promshoppe2019 plans go smoother.

1. You have saved money, but have you planned how you're going to spend it? It can become an expensive list once you add all the small details, from getting your hair, nails and make-up done to sourcing the jewellery and accessories to go with the prom dress that may or may not have a hefty price tag. There are also the tickets, hiring a special photographer for the occasion, and even transportation. Be sure to get your parents/guardians and relatives on board to help, if needs be. While the traditional shopper has a tendency to pull all their resources together, the modern shopper will probably choose to check discount sites like Gustazos for service packages, from salons to car rentals and limousine services being offered, so as to save on costs before the actual shopping begins.

2. Determine the code. This tip is for friends who plan to go to prom as a group, and the code is not just about the dress. Shopping as a group is one of the best strategies to get the store owners and designers to agree to a discount. Choose the store or designers that appeal to all of you, keep in mind what look you are all going for and get ready to bargain. Traditional shopping allows customers to physically examine products, which online shopping lacks; and if you think about it, the more eyes the better. Help each other to make good decisions and bargain properly while shopping.

3. Know your style, and know what the better options are. Clothing trends and styles change frequently, formal wear included. Remember, a popular style that appeals to you may not be for you. If you run out of options, chances are there will always be one thing that you thought would not work but then saves the day.

4. Accessorise, accessorise but never ‘excess-orise’. Some dress designs don’t need all the extra fandangles as you might think. Traditional shoppers will agree a pair of statement knobs, hoop or latch earrings can do the trick and if you are not allergic to faux gold and silver, purchase a simple pair because chances are while having fun dancing you will lose one or both earrings. There is also the option of stainless-steel accessories – the styles are endless.

5. Give the designer, dressmaker and most importantly, give yourself adequate time. This is for both modern and traditional shoppers. Ball is just a few weeks away let’s hope you have an idea of what your gown goals are. It is always good to get the gown out of the way first so that adjustments can be made if needed without rushing to make last minute changes. Set a timeframe based on the weeks left and for the actual shopping activities, you don’t want to be searching aimlessly and wasting time not finding what you want. In the end, it all depends on how quickly you shop or how fast everyone involved works to get things together.

All gowns are courtesy of Uzuri International Designs Limited established in 1998, located in Oracabessa, St Ann. Telephone: (876) 726-1905 or (876) 880-6638. Instagram: @uzuriinternational.

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