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SCHOOL TOUR YouthIink/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour at youthLnk

Ackeem Mckenzie showing his talent for dancing

HE YOUTHLINK/HONEY Bun High Achievers School Tour visited Treadways, PA, St Catherine, en route to McGrath High School on Friday, February 7, 2020, where fantastic animation and entertainment were put on display.
The students of McGrath High were manifestly curious at seeing the Youthlink/Honey Bun vehicle pull up on the school compound. As the teams began setting up their booths, scores of teachers and students began to gather on the scene as well as on the elevated corridors.
"Sir, are they going to give us those Honey Bun snacks for free?" asked a curious first-form student ... read more

High Achievers School Tour visited Charlie Smith High School

The school, which is located on Ninth Street in Kingston 12, St Andrew, was gifted with an exceptional day of fun and entertainment by Youthlink, Honey Bun, and Sparkling CranWATA during the ninth weekly staging
at the venerated institution.

The bright sun was nothing a cool, refresh- ing, and their attention on booth, which provided them with free Sparkling CranWATA, once they fulfilled the usual requirement of purchasing a copy of Youthlink. The announcement of the Charlie Smith high achievers Petra-Gay Brown had a blast.  was greeted with Friends Anthony Allen (left) and ... read more


CROSS THE island, team competed and was placed sixth overall; now robots are revving as they're back with new members to attempt to take this young science, technol- year's title. ogy, engineering & mathematics Competing will be Dejanay Pinto, an engineer, (STEM) students design, build and programmer and driver who also represented Jamaica in test their competing robots for the FIRST Global Challenge in October 2019 in Dubai; second staging of the FIRST Tech Keyanna Green, an engineer and a driver in charge Challenge Jamaica National Robotics of formulating and executing the business... read more

Youth-link/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour

LOCATED AT 31 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, Tarrant High School welcomed the Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour on Friday, January 24. The morning's momentum began to slowly build as the teams set up their booths in the school's auditorium, anticipating the huge turnout of students, as has become customary.

"Custom, yo rubba. Custom, you nuh seet dem a jus come", lyrics from popular 'Brogad' entertainer and member of the trending Montego Bay-based dancehall group '6ixx', Daddy 1, immediately pulled students from the different grades into the auditorium. "Mi heart yuh wah... read more

Shana Jaclson. SCHOOL TOUR YouthIink/Honey Bun High and

REEN ISLAND High School in Hanover is not only celebrating its 50th anniversary, but also a momentous day of drama and excitement given by the Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour to the teachers,   xiliary staff, and students. Located at Green Island, Lucea, the students were overwhelm- ingly receptive to all that was delivered to their doorsteps. Their enthusiasm even- tually encouraged the teachers and  uxiliary staff to get in on the action — purchasing copies of Youthlink so that they could products. Smiling while embracing the opportunity, she willingly shared her... read more

Cumberlan High School and the Cebar Grove Academy Welcome Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achivers School Tour

The Cedar Grove Academy high achievers smiles proudly to be selected for their hard work and determination.

These students are highly appreciative of the tour.
Youth Link/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour at THE CEDAR GROVE ACADEMY

Rushaine Clarke YOUTHLINK WRITER  OCATED IN Gregory Park, Portmore, St Catherine, The Cedar Grove Academy became one of the latest stops on the Youthlink/ Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour, on Friday, January 17. Once again, students who would have normally had a conventional, routine day of class were given a particularly exciting, electrifying, informative, action-packed day, thanks to the... read more

YouthIink Honey Bun's second - MANNING'S SCHOOL

From left: Breyana Francis, Rajiu, and Amanda Gordon enjoying themselves as the day progresses.


Achievers School Tour reignited its flame with its second debut on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. This time around, the endeavor took the team from Youthlink, Honey Bun and Wisynco on a 196.7km expedition from Kingston to Westmoreland, passing verdant vegetation on the Dhio Tulloch cinnamon roll. Enjoying ourselves while drinking our Sparkling CranWATA with wow. way to Beckford Street, Savanna-la-Mar. "Last year was exceptional and, of course, this year will be no different! We expect the students to display similar or even higher degrees of engagement as... read more

Youthlink, Honey Bun heat things up at Marymount

MARYMOUNT HIGH School, located in Highgate, St Mary, proved itself to be a very energetic and vibrant school community when the Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour visited the institution on Friday, November 8. The sun was quite hot, but that did not stop the students from coming out to participate in the events. When action got under way, they were overcome with excitement, making it one of the most memorable
tours yet.

Not surprisingly, the students immediately gravitated towards the vibrant, upbeat music pumping from the sound boxes on top of the Youthlink truck... read more

Youthlink, Honey Bun call on St Mary Technical’s high achievers

THE YOUTH LINK/HONEY Bun High Achievers School Tour ventured on a 50km expedition to an address in Cuffy Gully, Richmond, St Mary, to St Mary Technical High School on November 8 for a creative and exciting day of activities.

Students, teachers, staff and persons within the community came out in their numbers, signifying their support for the initiative, purchased copies of Youthlink, and were provided with a Squeezz drink and product from Honey Bun. One particular individual, who goes by the name ‘Sunny’, became so captivated by the Honey Bun dance team that he joined in on the fun... read more

Youthlink, Honey Bun bring excitement to Bridgeport

Honey Bun eating competition.

BRIDGEPORT HIGH School, located in St Catherine, got in on the excitement surrounding the Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour on November 5. Despite the overwhelming heat that visibly discomforted them, the students were highly enthusiastic, very involved in the proceedings of the tour, and demonstrated that fun and entertainment are ingrained in them by displaying a variety of talent in the creativity segment of the programme.
“The students at Bridgeport High are extremely talented! The male dancers were definitely gifted, but it was the females who really took the show.... read more


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