Ball Accessories Granted

IF A smile really is the greatest accessory a woman can wear, then your earrings, necklace and other pieces better keep you smiling right through ball night. Ladies, there’s so much that the right statement necklace can do to complement a sweetheart neckline or an off-the-shoulder masterpiece gown. This is your moment and Youthlink wants to help you to accessorise like a pro on ball night.


Adrianna Bryan is the owner of ExotiChild, an authentic, hand-crafted Jamaican jewellery and accessories store. She is full of advice for aspiring... read more

Hair to slay

A wise guy once said there are two most important days in a young lady’s life – the day she gets married and the day she goes to prom! Okay, maybe that isn’t a direct quote from any great philosopher but when it comes to ball night, we’re pretty sure the occasion is ranked right up there on the list of ‘big days’ for us girls! It’s that one night when all your Is have to be dotted and your Ts crossed, from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet.The new rave within the beauty industry is the lace wig. This is convenient for everyone, the technique used to install the wig may differ... read more

Seven tips for transitioning hair

THE IMAGE taken on the cover of our May 7, 2019 issue was taken on June 16, 2006, and represents the last time we did a graduation ball photoshoot with designers Uzuri, who are now making graduation dresses again. One of the models in the photograph is Pattian Lothian, a former Youthlink writer who, sadly, passed away in 2010. Pattian’s mother has indicated that the use of the image helps her daughter’s memory live on.

In light of the recent ‘natural hair movement’, many Jamaican women are opting to skip the relaxers and heat styling in favour of their naturally growing kinks and curls. Yendi Phillipps, Terri-Karelle Reid and Davina Bennett are a few of the well-known faces representing Jamaican women who just can’t get enough of their kink.

While some decide to part with damaged ends all at once with a ‘big chop’, others have chosen the more passive route, transitioning: the process by which the natural roots are allowed to grow out underneath the relaxed or heat-damaged ends.

What do you... read more

Uzuri Int’l presents Prom Shoppe 2019

From the moment we enter high school and throughout our sometimes arduous journey there, there’s one common goal planted firmly in mind – to graduate, and to do so in style. Second to the ceremony itself is the glitz and glamour of ball night which has, undoubtedly, become an important occasion in a teen’s life, almost like a wedding. Uzuri International has recognised this fact and is pulling out all the stops to make the occasion an epic one.

On Sunday, June 2, the franchise will hold its inaugural Prom Shoppe 2019, an expo-type event catering to all the needs of ball night.... read more


Rebecca Mahfood (left): “Make-up on Naomi Cowan for her first Reggae Sumfest performance. She’s the first artiste I’ve done make-up on and it was so cool to see her on stage killing it, while wearing make-up by me. She also used me for her ‘Paradise Plum’ music video, which was such a cool experience.”

In A world that has always been able to appreciate aesthetic value, make-up and design have unsurprisingly proven to be popular industries. Especially in our social media age, with the likes of Fenty Beauty impressively demonstrating the reach of marketing strategies over social platforms, many young people are taking advantage of the concomitance of social media, beauty and artistic creativity. Nineteen-yearold Rebecca Mahfood is one such person.

Mahfood is a young artist practising professional creativity in make-up art and design. She has designed costumes for the Xaymaca... read more

Saint star Christine Willis makes major int’l modelling strides

It’s a long way from idle, youthful days spent climbing mango trees in St Mary to strutting the runways of Paris for such luxury fashion labels as Balenciaga and Celine. However, for Saint International model Christine Willis, it’s all part and parcel of her fabulously fulfilling journey in becoming one of Jamaica’s hottest fashion stars of the moment.

Scouted by Saint International CEO Deiwght Peters in 2016 at her alma mater, Tacky High, on one of the globally recognised model-maker’s school searches in the banana-producing parish, the then 16- year-old Willis knew very little of... read more

Denim it yourself A (DIY) project

Make use of any free time you can find to start a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. In fact, why not try denim-it-yourself – recycling old jeans to create something new or, as Pinterest lovers like myself would say, ‘upcycle’. Denim is easy to work with and durable, even after being washed over and over again; but while those skinny, distressed jeans are your favourite, wearing them constantly does not mean they will adjust to your body as you grow. There are many ways you can repurpose old denim clothing to fit the needs and decor of a room. The material can be used to wrap an exercise book... read more

University bromance blooms into online clothing store

Final-year students at The University of the West Indies, Justin Hall and Lanze White, will graduate in November with more than just degrees. The determined pair have transformed their longtime friendship into a business partnership, launching their online clothing store, Niche Façon, late last year.

Hall, a marketing student, told Youthlink that the two have been friends since attending Kingston College. He shared what he described as a ‘strong aversion’ for loans, something that sparked the spirit of entrepreneurship in him.

He said, “I don’t really like loans. I think it ... read more

5 trendy, protective styles for African hair

Hair for almost everyone is hard to deal with sometimes. With the increasingly popular natural trend, multiple techniques have been shared on how to manage natural hair. Naturalistas and hair gurus are constantly finding ways to keep your hair protected from the terror of breakage, and also also to avoid the bother of constantly having to redo it. Here are five popular hairstyles for African hair that are guaranteed to make hair management just a little easier for us. These styles are known for not only preventing breakage, but also for preserving the hair’s moisture, encouraging faster... read more

Styles trends adopted from Europeans

Style is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives, whether we think we practice it or not. Like a majority of things we’ve grown very used to, very little attention is paid to the origin of style trends, especially by the general public. Whether we take note of it or not, the way we dress reflects a multitude of cultural influences from our past, especially in the diverse Caribbean. Given the significant role Europeans have played in our history, it is only natural that they would have notable influence on our sense of dress. While the true origin of many of our style trends are ambiguous... read more


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