Beauty of Brass

Aliyah Abrahams

Many of us love jewellery, but don't have the money to spend on it. What many don't realise is that we can make many of the desired objects with everyday materials. Today, we will learn how to make brass rings using wire. This method can also be done using copper. 

Brass is a golden hued metal made from the elements copper and zinc, and occasionally, other metals. Due to its colour and its unreactive nature, it has been used throughout history for a number of different purposes, from jewellery,  to ornaments,  to weapons. Brass is relatively cheap, and as a result,  it is a good option for jewellery making. 

One of the easiest things to make with brass is rings. There are many different styles that can be made, but a popular one is braided/twisted rings. 

What you will need:

  1. Pliers for cutting 
  2. Pliers for twisting wire
  3. 16 gauge dead soft copper/brass wire
  4. hammer
  5. flat, hard surface 

Step one: twist the wires together using the pliers. This can be done using two separate wires, or by folding a long wire in half, fixing it to one spot, and twisting it. 

Step two: Hammer the wire until flat. This should be done against a hard surface that will not break under the hammer. 

Step three: curve the wire around something similar in size to the finger you want to wear it on. The ring will be adjustable. Therefore if the sizing is slightly off, it will still be wearable. 

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