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For most of us, modern technology is undoubtedly a massive part of our lives. No matter where we’re going we always have some form of tech with us, if it’s not our phone then it’s or laptop. As any valuable item does, your laptop needs protection. Have you ever screamed in horror when your phone falls? Now imagine if that was your bigger, more expensive laptop? To prevent such horrors, multiple brands develop and sell various types of laptop bags for top notch laptop protection. Some styles and brands are better than others.  To help narrow your long list of options,  Youthlink is providing some handy tips along with a series of laptop bags that are guaranteed to fit both your style and security needs!

5. Laptop bags over laptop sleeves
    Laptop sleeves are the thin, compact cases fitted for your laptop. The more snug the fit, the more secure the laptop. They are usually made of canvas, neoprene or nylon - often light and water-resistant. However the lightness is usually due to its single layer which provides questionable protection for your laptop in the case that it falls or gets knocked. 
If you want the flexibility of a laptop sleeve but the security of a laptop bag then the iMEXX Carrying Case is the best choice for you. The 15.4” case comes in a variety of colours, such as black, aqua and purple, with separate notebook and document compartments as well as a removable strap. The case is made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which is thick and light with UV and water resistance. Perfect for travelling with a large laptop.  

4. Laptop bags should be multifunctional 
When you spend your money on a laptop bag you should be able to carry to somewhere besides the office.
Laptop bags such as the Solo Executive Tote bag look very similar to everyday bags with no specific purpose. The 15.6” inch bag is fully padded with an interior organizer section and zippered accessory pocket. For extra convenience the Tote comes with an adjustable strap and metal feet to protect the the bottom of the bag. This is perfect to double as a handbag and a laptop bag. 

3. Laptop bags should disguise
    Due to its resemblance to everyday bags, laptop bags have the ability to conceal, and reduce suspicion. Whereas a laptop sleeve makes it exponentially clear that you are carrying a laptop, laptop bags could be carrying just about anything - thus they attract less attention from any crooks ready to steal your prized-possessions. 
Belkin Messenger Bag is ideal for drawing less attention to your laptop. The bag has a 15.4” capacity and comes with built-in stability allowing the bag to stand up on it’s own. Despite this it is slim and lightweight with a hidden handle available when needed. Additionally, the polyester fabric has weatherproof qualities. Belkin’s Messenger Bag is an everyday laptop bag.  

2. Laptop bags and weight proportion
    When choosing the laptop bag for you, you have to consider factors such as size and number of peripheral devices you tend to use. For example,  a heavy laptop or one that requires additional speakers would be best suited by a larger bag with more compartments. 
Laptop briefcases like this Solo’s Hamish Briefcase come fully padded with a backstrap and luggage handle. It has a 15.6” laptop compartment with a front zippered organizer section as well as two additional outer compartments for adapters and other paraphernalia. The bag is well equipped for weight balance and distance travel. 

Laptop bags should fit your personal style
        A  great things about laptop bags is that they are both diverse and efficient. Say you’re not one for the conventional shoulder straps, bags like the Capri Notebook Backpack from ArgomTech should be your pick for a laptop bag.  
The Capri Notebook Backpack  has up to 15.6” of room for your laptop as well as a smaller outer compartment like any other backpack. Unlike the typical backpack however, it is padded specifically to protect your laptop with adjustable straps and lightweight material for adequate weight proportion. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty attractive backpack!

 All these bags are within the price range of JA$4000 to JA$10000.  Regardless of whether it’s a tote bag, messenger bag, backpack, briefcase or rolling bag, you’re guaranteed to find a laptop bag to suit your laptop and to suit you. 

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