Denim it yourself A (DIY) project


Make use of any free time you can find to start a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. In fact, why not try denim-it-yourself – recycling old jeans to create something new or, as Pinterest lovers like myself would say, ‘upcycle’. Denim is easy to work with and durable, even after being washed over and over again; but while those skinny, distressed jeans are your favourite, wearing them constantly does not mean they will adjust to your body as you grow. There are many ways you can repurpose old denim clothing to fit the needs and decor of a room. The material can be used to wrap an exercise book to add a little personality, to create a make-up bag or pencil case, or create room organisers – which Youthlink recommends trying this new year.

What you will need to make a denim pocket organiser

• A couple pairs of old jeans pants/shorts/skirts
• Scissors
• Razor (though not mandatory)
• Needles and pins
• Thread
• Glue gun and glue sticks
• Old-fashioned jewellery, glitter, any decorative trimmings
• Wooden hanger or length of wood (tree branch)

How to

• Choose one pair of pants or shorts you want to be the main sheet to which the pockets will be attached. Use the scissors to cut along the inseam (inside leg) so that you can fold it out. Usually, jeans that have a skinny leg will have a space in between which you can stitch together or fill with material from another. NB: The glue gun can be set to heat up while all this is being done.

• Cut out the pockets from your jeans; if you can manipulate a razor, it may make the job easier. Be extremely careful. For this denim pocket organiser, nine pockets were used.

• Lay out the pockets on the main sheet until you are satisfied with the design; don’t worry about your arrangement being an orderly rectangle.

Once the design is chosen, use pins to secure everything in place then apply hot glue along the edges or at each corner. You can choose to skip the hot glue and go straight to sewing the pockets to the main sheet. Allow the glue to dry, then start organising.

Use old-fashioned jewellery like a layered necklace to run through the belt loops; it can act as a hanging chain or just use hangers, a curtain rod or a strong tree branch to hang the newly created denim organiser.

Additional tricks and tips:

Cut four waistbands from the old jeans you have gathered and sew them at the four sides of the organiser in such a way that it evens up the edges.

Make small denim patches from any extra material left over. These can be secured to the organiser with hot glue and do not need to be sewn. Otherwise, just use glitter or decorative trimmings to add a little character.

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