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JC robotics team first to access new Digicel roaming plans

A group of 11 students from Jamaica College (JC) who were ranked best at building their own robot, travelled to the United States of America (USA) to compete against their peers from across the world. JC won the local leg of the inaugural FIRST Tech Challenge National Robotics Championships in March, emerging ahead of other top high schools.

They qualified for the space-themed FIRST Tech Challenge World Championships, dubbed ‘Rover Ruckus’, which was held in Houston, Texas, from April 17-20. The JC boys were part of a larger group vying for the prestigious Inspire Award, which... read more

Youthlink CSEC Seminar ends with bang at Mico

With the big examinations not too far away, Youthlink has been working fastidiously with teachers and students in exam preparation via the Youthlink CSEC Seminar. Youthlink closed the series of workshops, previously held in Westmoreland, St Ann, Manchester and St James, with a successful seminar at The Mico University College in Kingston on April 10. Students and teachers came in large numbers from Pembroke Hall High School, the Cedar Grove Academy, and Ascot and Ardenne high schools to participate in the day’s learning. The Gleaner Company’s Sherilla Gordon hosted the days’ events,... read more

St Jago High School is champion of SCQ 50

ON Tuesday, April 2, the institution on Monk Street, Spanish Town, lifted the Schools’ Challenge Quiz Cup for the fifth time in the 50 years that the competition has been in existence. The match started with the Opening Challenge, during which teams answered questions alternately.

Kingston College had won the toss but allowed St Jago to go first. St Jago took the lead at the start of the section, but was one point behind Kingston College by the time the four-minute round was complete.

Kingston College ended the round on eight points.

The second part of the match was... read more


It is almost the end of the 50th season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz and the semi-finals have been heated.

The week started with an entertainment quiz between Team Dahlia, captained by actress, television personality, public speaker, and film and theatre director Dahlia Harris, and Team Ity, led by comedian Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis. Team Dahlia won the toss and decided to go first. The Opening Challenge ended with Dahlia’s team in the lead, on seven points, and Team Ity on six points. The lead continued after the Speed Challenge, in which Team Dahlia scored approximately 28 points, while... read more

TVJ’S SCHOOLS’ CHALLENGE QUIZ: Competition heats up

The 50TH season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz is quickly coming to an end, but the competition is heating up as only the strong and the resilient have made it this far in the competition.

The week of quiz opened with a third-round matchup between Ardenne High School and Westwood High School. Ardenne won the toss and decided to go first. The Opening Challenge saw a slow start for Westwood, but they caught up to their opponents when they answered Ardenne’s question, ending the round five-all. Ardenne dominated the Speed Challenge, leaving Westwood six points behind them, and went... read more

TVJ’S SCHOOLS’ CHALLENGE QUIZ: Heartbreaks and game changer

The week started with the unexpected! Titchfield High School has been eliminated from the 50th season of the Schools’ Challenge Quiz competition by Central High School.

Titchfield won the coin toss and elected to go first. As one would expect, Titchfield was in the lead after the Opening Challenge, which ended with them on seven to Central High School’s four points. Titchfield widened the gap during the Speed Challenge, which concluded with them having 22 points to Central High School’s 12 points.

After queries, Titchfield gained another point and went into the buzzer section... read more

TVJ’S SCHOOLS’ CHALLENGE QUIZ: Low scores, but interesting matches

SCHOOLS’ CHALLENGE Quiz 2019 featured low scores but still some interesting face-offs, the first of which was the matchup between Manchester High School and Cornwall College.

Manchester High School won the toss and decided to go first. After the Opening Challenge, the teams seemed evenly matched, as the round ended on a three-all tie. Cornwall, however, created a gap by the end of the Speed Challenge, which ended 20 to 16. The buzzer section of the match had both teams trailing each other until the end of the section with Manchester High on 24 and Cornwall College on 26. Queries... read more

SCHOOLS’ CHALLENGE QUIZ: Last week’s recap

LAST WEEK’S matches during the 50th anniversary of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz were nail-biting, as many top schools vied for a spot in the next round of the competition.

The first was a match-up between St Catherine’s St Jago High School and St Andrew’s Meadowbrook High School. St Jago won the toss and allowed Meadowbrook to go first, but led from the opening challenge to the end of the buzzer section. The final score read 33 to 21 points, in St Jago’s favour.

The second match for the week was between Knox College from Clarendon and Immaculate Conception High School from... read more

Mt Alvernia two points shy of winning

Week six of the 50th season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz began with a bang as Wolmer’s High School for Girls from Kingston faced off with Mount Alvernia High School from St James.

The match was one to watch, as both teams were neck and neck from the Opening Challenge, which ended eight to nine in favour of Mount Alvernia High School. The one-point lead was maintained by Mount Alvernia up to the Speed Challenge, which ended 28 to 27. However, during the break, queries were made and Wolmer’s Girls gained a point, officially ending the second round at 28 all.

This resulted... read more

Westwood stun Queen’s in week five’s only shocker

WEEK FIVE of the 50th season of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz featured some pairings from which the winners could easily have been predicted, except for one match.
The week started with match 25 between number 3-seed Ardenne High School and number 62-seed Green Pond High School, who were entering the competition for only the second time. The match ended with the experienced Ardenne High on 39 points and Green Pond on 15 points.

Anthony Williams, coach of Ardenne High School, was happy his team won, but there was slight disappointment. “Although they (the Ardenne team) won,... read more


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