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REEN ISLAND High School in Hanover is not only celebrating its 50th anniversary, but also a momentous day of drama and excitement given by the Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achievers School Tour to the teachers,   xiliary staff, and students. Located at Green Island, Lucea, the students were overwhelm- ingly receptive to all that was delivered to their doorsteps. Their enthusiasm even- tually encouraged the teachers and  uxiliary staff to get in on the action — purchasing copies of Youthlink so that they could products. Smiling while embracing the opportunity, she willingly shared her sentiments with us. "Today's event at our school was exceptional! Its planning and execution was done well, and the event met our expectations of being highly entertaining and exciting. "For me ... the entertainment was superb! I think the children enjoyed themselves, as they got the opportunity to laugh and relax in the midst of pressure (SBA deadlines and exam preparations). Kudos to Youthlink and Honey Bun!" Winner of the Honey Bun jingle competition and high achiever Angelica Gordon shared her appreciation of the venture and yoåthlink take advantage of the many tasty treats available from Honey Bun, as well as a cool and refreshing Sparkling CranWATA from Wisynco.

Teacher Ms Moodie was noticeably thrilled with her free Honey Bun and  Sparkling CranWATA Winner of the dancing competition, Shantay Dias. Mink kct$evers' A GOOD SAVING 0 gladness for being recognised for he 
Achievers School our, for me, was fascinating and I was very entertained by the jollification of the school's population. The event was success fully executed When asked for her picture to be taken, Jade Bailey posed
with an immediate 'Yes!'

and wrapped us in a sea of different talents and personalities,” said the lower sixth-form student.“I was overwhelmed with gladness to be acknowledged and rewarded for my efforts at hard work, and being labelled as one of the high achievers,” she continued.

“The tour was just what we needed to set the mood of a usually dull day. The kids loved it and their spirits were lifted high. I must say, we should have days like these every now and then. Thank you, Youthlink and Honey Bun, for the exciting break!” said library assistant Ms Rhoden.

Ms Rhoden was also highly interactive – singing and dancing along with her students. This season’s tour is scheduled to run from mid-January until the end of February 2020, and is sponsored by Squeezz and Sparkling CranWATA.

n Top students from second to fifth form (1 male, 1 female).
n Top student in a technical area: visual arts/building/ engineering technology (This student will be given an opportunity to get his/her work published in Youthlink).
n One outstanding student from sixth form.

n A co-branded High Achiever badge and a package/ goodie bag from The Gleaner Company or Honey Bun.
n The High Achiever $10,000 grant (the student who has done well despite a bad situation – challenging family situation, etc).


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