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Youthlink, Honey Bun call on St Mary Technical’s high achievers

Rushaine Clarke

THE YOUTH LINK/HONEY Bun High Achievers School Tour ventured on a 50km expedition to an address in Cuffy Gully, Richmond, St Mary, to St Mary Technical High School on November 8 for a creative and exciting day of activities.

Students, teachers, staff and persons within the community came out in their numbers, signifying their support for the initiative, purchased copies of Youthlink, and were provided with a Squeezz drink and product from Honey Bun. One particular individual, who goes by the name ‘Sunny’, became so captivated by the Honey Bun dance team that he joined in on the fun – with dramatic effect – and left everyone on the compound cheering and laughing in extreme excitement.

Acting events coordinator Renea Panton expressed much gratitude to the companies for carrying out the initiative and rewarding the efforts of the students within her school. “I just want to say thank you again for coming to our school today, and especially the team from Youthlink and Honey Bun. Your presence was highly appreciated, and we look forward to you coming again,” she said.

“The hour was filled with fun and laughter. The activities that you engaged us in, not only the students enjoyed themselves, but also all the other workers in all categories; the admin staff, the auxiliary staff, and also the academic staff. We had a wonderful time, and the students had an awesome time as well,” she continued. “I know that Justin, the high achiever, was most surprised. The gesture – just the gesture of the companies actually giving back, it is really an awesome thing. The day was awesome, and even community members came in and they were enjoying themselves. Sunny, the dancer and other persons from the community came and were looking on. They really enjoyed the time that you shared with us. You know our numbers; just call us and I know that we will be willing again to host you in the future. Thanks again!”

“The St Mary Technical High family welcomed the Youthlink/Honey Bun High Achievers Tour to our school, and we thank the team for an exciting experience. The achievers are most grateful for the motivational gesture but, most of all, the students in general,” said acting principal Tanshea Williams Johnson. “They

have secured their Youthlink magazines as prized treasures. The featured activities created waves of excitement. One of our highest achievers stole the show with his endorsement of the sumptuous Honey Bun products. Youthlink, the journey continues as we will boost our success mantra through our future partnership,” she added.

Champion of the Honey Bun jingle competition, Jevaun Smith, popularly known at school as ‘Lyrical Bird’, gave an exhilarating performance after being called out by his schoolmates.
“I felt happy and overjoyed that Honey Bun came to our school. The event was a bomb; I had such a great time. The music was great, the vibes was up, and the giveaways were fantastic. I wish that the event could have gone on forever but, unfortunately, it could not. I really enjoyed it and it was a blast!” he said.

Top students from second to fifth form (one male, one female).
Top student from the technical area: visual arts/building/engineering technology. (This student will be given an opportunity to get his/her work published in the Youthlink.)
One outstanding student from sixth form.

Each student will receive a co-branded high achiever badge and a package/goodie bag from The Gleaner or Honey Bun.
One of the 10 students will also walk away with a $10,000 grant. (A student who has done well despite a bad situation – challenging family situation, etc.)



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