DEAR COUNSELLOR: I need someone to hear me!

Dear Counsellor:
I am 15 years old and I am feeling a deep and uncomfortable heaviness in my mind. There is a lot of negativity happening around me and I am forbidden to talk to anyone outside of my family. My mother and father are quarrelling quite often and are very loud. I know that everyone in the housing scheme can hear them when they get started. My older brother has taken up with bad company, and I know that he is smoking weed when he is with them. I have been noticing, too, that my uncle has been very ‘friendly’ and this makes me uncomfortable, but my mother thinks... read more

Virginia Dare Jamaica Limited: Flavour House of Jamaica

Virgina Dare Jamaica Limited presented the unified image of the company as a number of its executive members gathered to share with Youthlink the precise nature of the company operations. CEO john Bailey outlined the formation of the Virginia Dare Extract in New York in 1970. Similar to Now, the primary function was to supply the food and beverage industry in Jamaica with flavour and colours for their ingredients.

At present, Virginia Dare is described as THE flavour house of the island, producing over 90 percent of their products locally and also delivering to... read more

St George’s College welcomes Youthlink and Foska Oats

St George’s College sixth-formers love Youthlink and Foska Oats products.

On September 24, Youthlink, alongside Foska Oats, visited St George’s College (StGC), located at Winchester Park, 1 North Street, Kingston, for the Made in Jamaica initiative. It was a memorable experience, to say the least, from entering the well-groomed and carefully maintained grounds, to meeting the warm and friendly people – the security guards, staff and the students.

What was even more striking was the level of pride the young gentlemen expressed in their school. Even the ladies of the sixth form, who only attend the institution for a maximum two years, beamed with admiration... read more


Resolutions, Celebrations and reinvention ... those are typically the words we begin to think about as we are approaching a new year. Whether you're into New Year's festivities or not, you can't deny that it is a time which prompts reflection. This week Youthlink is prompting to start an early version of that reflection with these situations.

It's New Year's Eve and your group of friends is having a get-together at your best friend's house. They insist that they need to light firecrackers, for it to be a proper New Year's celebration. You're the only one with easyaccess to... read more

10 Fun facts about summer

1.      The first modern Olympic Games were held in the summer in 1896 in Athens, Greece.

2.      The first day of summer is between June 20 and June 22 every year. The first day of summer is called the summer solstice, and the day varies due to the Earth's rotation not exactly reflecting our calendar year.

3.      The last day of summer is September 20.

4.      Watermelon is one of summer's best summer treats. Did you know that watermelons are not a fruit, but a vegetable? They belong to the cucumber family of vegetables.

5.      If you love ice cream, the... read more

Dear Counsellor: TO VAPE OR NOT TO VAPE

Dear Counsellor: My name is Sash and I am a 13-year-old female. I have been using a fruit-based product called 'JUUL' instead of smoking marijuana or cigarettes. My friends all do it, and I do not think it is as harmful as some people believe. I know it is harmless as it is just a fruit-flavoured product that most teens use now. My parents, I know, would not understand, nor would they allow me to vape. I think 'old people' just need to get with the times and chill a little. What do you think?
— Sash

Dear Sash: According to Linda Richter, PhD, vaping is the act of inhaling and... read more

One of the Caribbean’s top food manufacturers

As one of the region’s top food manufacturers, Seprod Limited was definitely a distinctly memorable feature of the Made in Jamaica series. The vision of massive wheat storage silos, each holding 4,500 tons of grain, immediately upon entering the Jamaica Grain and Cereal Ltd (subsidiary of the Seprod Group) factory area, definitely helped create the lasting impression.

A tour of the extensive facilities revealed interesting bits of the multifaceted production process which provides us with goods like the Pronto Instant Cornmeal Porridge Mix, Miracle Refined Cornmeal and Miracle... read more


If one could believe that the mystery of the existence of human beings lies not just in staying alive, but in finding a reason to be here and what to live for, then one has the same mindset as Rondell Positive. On September 20, 2019, Rondell Positive Music went to Charlie Smith High School to launch its third staging of the 'Open to Purpose' devotional school tour. This tour was launched for a number of reasons, but the main purpose is to assist the next generation in finding its purpose through Christ.

The entire event captured the crux of the theme and was very inspirational. The... read more


In our modern society, the Internet is something we usually won’t avoid and can’t seem to live without. Especially among young people, the Internet has become one of the prime tools in our daily lives, some can’t even imagine life without it. Some of us use it as our primary source of knowledge and entertainment. Therefore, if you do have to go through an extended Wi-Fi-less period, how would you fair? Would you be willing to use other resources? Take a look at these situations then give it some serious thought.

Recently, your grades have begun to slip significantly. You feel that... read more

Dear Counsellor: Product of INFIDELIT


AM 14 years old and I just recently found out that the man I know as my 'father' is not my biological father, and that my biological father is married, resides in Cayman, and I have one younger and two older siblings. My mother recently died from ovarian cancer and my 'father', in his grief, told me all this when he was drunk. I am still in shock! I am numb and in disbelief. My world, as I have known it, has been turned upside down and I am not sure where to go. I feel like an alien. I want to run away and hide. I am embarrassed to know... read more

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