Dear Dr Hylton,

I am few. It would be noble of you to stand by your girlfriend AM a 17-year-old male and I was just told by my when she tells her parents. Hopefully, your parents will 16-year-old girlfriend that she is pregnant. I am very concerned. I am not ready to be a father. We are both sitting our CSEC examinations, and I have plans of going to sixth form to pursue business subjects. We used a condom, but it broke. I told my older brother and he bought the morning-after Pill, which I gave to my girlfriend. How is it, then, that she could be pregnant? I think I did all that I... read more

10 Fun facts about GERMANY

The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

1. GERMANY has a population of 81 million people.

2. One -third of Germany is still covered in forests and woodlands.

3. University is free for everyone (even non-Germans).

4. The first printed book was in German.

5. Most taxis in Germany are Mercedes-Benz.

6. There are over 2,100 castles in Germany.

7. There are over 1,500 different beers in Germany.

8. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein have German as the official language.

9. The Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) tradition came from Germany.

10. In Germany... read more

Creation Foods Limited:Making healthy foods for teens

“We pride ourselves [on the fact that] the ingredients in the products are ingredients that people know, hence the name Creation Foods. Our products are so simple, all we basically do is take a natural ingredient and add value to it.”

As an avidly Jamaican magazine, Youthlink has always sought to highlight the many sparks of national pride within our country. Thus, the Made in Jamaica series was developed to do just that: shine the spotlight on various Jamaican businesses that nourish our culture in one of the most basic ways – producing the food we eat. A visit to the Vegetarian... read more

Want to study in Canada?

It's probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make, but with so many things to consider, how do you go about choosing where you will study in Canada? Here are five questions to ask as you look for the right Canadian college or university for you.


 Do you want to study medicine, veterinary sciences or law? If either of the above, then studying at a university is the best choice for you. These programmes typically require a four-year university degree. Are you looking to work in a hands-on profession such as... read more

5 ways to fund your studies in Canada

Studying in Canada is an exciting and rewarding experience for many students from all over the world. Canada has one of the top-ranked education systems and one of the lowest education costs in the developed world.
Students are continually looking for ways to fund their studies in Canada. In light of this, I would like to share five creative ways to help you to fund your studies:


Believe it or not, organisations worldwide hold essay contests where students can submit compelling essays on a wide variety of topics. Many of these essay... read more

Containers for LUNCH

With so many reusable plastic containers in stock, it's near impossible not to
find one that suits your needs.

There is no greater satisfaction than enjoying a home-cooked meal right in the middle of a busy weekday. Am I wrong? When you pack your own lunch, you're more in control of your diet and you get to have your favourite snacks with you on the go. Investing in good containers will make the task of bringing your own food much easier and more convenient. In addition, they keep food fresher for longer and are eco-friendly. Bashco offers a wide assortment of lunchtime accessories fit for all ages, budgets and preferences.

• Plastic containers are lightweight, durable and come in so many... read more

Would you rather: Embarrassing SITUATIONS

Embarrassing ourselves seems like something we'd all certainly like to avoid. Has anyone ever forced you to do something embarrassing? Some people don't care as much about it as one would think, while others actively try to avoid anything even remotely uncomfortable. Which type of person are you? Maybe this weeks 'would you rather' scenarios will help you find out.

• Every Saturday, you and your friends meet to talk, shop, eat and explore the town. All your friends look forward to showing off their best outfits for this outing. However, your parents have been getting increasingly... read more

Dear Counsellor: Product of INFIDELIT


AM 14 years old and I just recently found out that the man I know as my 'father' is not my biological father, and that my biological father is married, resides in Cayman, and I have one younger and two older siblings. My mother recently died from ovarian cancer and my 'father', in his grief, told me all this when he was drunk. I am still in shock! I am numb and in disbelief. My world, as I have known it, has been turned upside down and I am not sure where to go. I feel like an alien. I want to run away and hide. I am embarrassed to know... read more

Résumé essentials: THE STORYTELLING TOOL

Whether you are applying for scholarships, internships or jobs, you are likely to be required to produce and share your résumé at some point in your life. Résumé are usually the first tools for representing yourself to a potential employer. So, it is important to get it right.

Writing a résumé is all about the story; your story, the story of your career.


Allowing someone else to read the content and assess the layout can prove extremely advantageous in constructing a résumé. Grammatical... read more


As Young people, many of us are constantly searching for entertainment and ways to live our ‘best lives’. We make plans and organise hangouts in an effort to make the most of our free time, but sometimes life gets in the way. Here are a few situations in which exciting plans may have to be cancelled; think about it, what you would do?

You and your friends have been looking forward to your school’s graduation ball for the entire year. You’ve all coordinated your outfits, got dates, and planned exciting activities for the night. It feels like your last chance to have fun together... read more


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