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In our modern society, the Internet is something we usually won’t avoid and can’t seem to live without. Especially among young people, the Internet has become one of the prime tools in our daily lives, some can’t even imagine life without it. Some of us use it as our primary source of knowledge and entertainment. Therefore, if you do have to go through an extended Wi-Fi-less period, how would you fair? Would you be willing to use other resources? Take a look at these situations then give it some serious thought.

Recently, your grades have begun to slip significantly. You feel that it’s due to the pressure of entering a new form, and you just need some time to adjust. However, your parents are convinced that it is because you spend far too much time on the Internet instead of studying. They insist that you stay off the Internet (unless it’s for schoolwork) and see a tutor for four days per week (including weekends), or they will monitor all your Internet usage from now on. There are some things you don’t want them to see.


• Reduce your Internet use and get a tutor? (50%)
• Allow your parents to see your Internet history and monitor all your future use? (50%)

• “I’d rather not use the Internet than have my parents watch everything I do on it.” (Britannia, 15)
• “Although I couldn’t take the nagging, I’d much rather them seeing what I’m doing than completely cutting me off.” (Cassian, 16)

Many of your teachers have been expressing frustration due to their students’ use of unreliable Internet sources. One teacher gets so frustrated that he/she assigns a full presentation on the history of the computer; it is to be organised and conducted strictly without the use of Internet resources. The presentation has to be at least 10 minutes long and well researched. Those who don’t want to do the presentation have to take an extra exam for the subject.


• Do the presentation without using the Internet? (40%)
• Take the extra exam? (60%)

• “Although it sounds hard, it sounds interesting to try and not use the Internet. I definitely haven’t done that before. If it’s too hard, I’m sure I can come up with something for the 10 minutes.” (Jordan, 17)
• “With such a boring topic, I’d rather use the Internet and study for an extra exam instead of trying to find information on that.” (Elisha, 15)

For a holiday, your family has organised a trip to visit your maternal grandparents in Manchester. The visit will last for two weeks and your grandparents’ house does not have Internet service. The only alternative is to stay by yourself for the two weeks while the rest of the family goes on the trip.


• Spend two weeks without Internet? (30%)
• Spend two weeks at home by yourself? (70%)

“My community is scary sometimes, so I wouldn’t want to stay at home for that long by myself. I’d take a book on the trip or something.” (Shonda, 14)
“An empty house with food and Wi-Fi sounds like a dream.” (Tashania, 16)

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