Black History Month through songs

This Black History month we wanted to highlight a few songs which incorporated certain aspects of Black History in Jamaica. With that being said we have prepared a selection of iconic music, where we will expound on how the lyrics would have impacted the lives of Jamaicans or blacks and also pin point the most relatable verse in each single.  
Get Up Stand Up- Bob Marley and the Wailers 
This single has impacted the lives of many in more than one way, particularly the lives of Jamaicans seeing that it is a local original. Within this song Bob emphasize... read more

The Road to Champs: Grace brings Flava With A Beat  to  Kingston College

In Jamaica, when we think about the month of March, we immediately begin thinking about one of greatest shows on this side of the hemisphere, the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls Championship! This year, ISSA Boys and Girls Champs Title Sponsor, GraceKennedy, may be heading to a school near you on the Grace ‘Flava with a Beat’ Champs School Tour.

On the heels of launching their latest campaign, “Flava With A Beat” featuring dancehall entertainer Ding Dong, the Grace team under the theme “Positive Expressions,” will be making stops at several competing schools each week leading up to... read more

What would Bob say? Bob Marley

February celebrates the birthday of one of Jamaica’s most ionic musician, Bob Marley. We all know him as the king of reggae, some described him as an activist and also a true prophet, which most of us would agree on.We are currently being plagued by a few socio-economic issues,now more than ever his words are needed to provide guidance through this tumultuous terrorizing our country. So, what would bob say about…...?

1. Teen depression-is a serious mental health problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities. It affects an affectedteenager... read more

Hopewell High School's HYPE Students participating in the concert section of the launch.

Youthlink Writer
Lamando Shepherd

Youthlink recently went to the vibrant Hopewell High school, to capture the launch of the HYPE (HealthyYouths Positive Energy) and Wellness program in their school’s extracurricular activities. During the event students as well as teachers got a firsthand experience of what the HYPE program had to offer.
The program is an initiative which establishes a collaboration between the National Health Fund (NHF) and the Ministry of Health, to provide basic health needs for students from the primary and secondary level.

This is done by... read more


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