Stylin' for study

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Final exams are fast approaching and now is the time to buckle down and get serious about studying. We all have our tricks and study habits such as listening to music, writing with a blue-ink pen and other things; but have you ever thought that the way you dress could affect your level of concentration? Well, now that you have, here are some style study tips to help you stay focused.

No pyjamas!

Belles of the ball - Part 2

Prom dresses for your body type

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Different colours for different shades

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Belles of the ball

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

With many end-of-year balls just around the corner, and the sometimes annoying themes that go with them, finding the perfect dress for that one special night can be difficult. This is a guide to help you find the dress that matches the most popular 2015 ball themes.