Spice it up!

Despite popular belief, no good friendship truly comes as naturally and easily as one would hope. Some amount of work has to be put in place in order to make things run smoothly and produce a never-ending explosion of memorable experiences. If your friendship seems to be becoming less intriguing as you and your friend(s) lose interest in one another or can no longer relate to each other, then here are a few tips on how to spice things up.

1. Switch it up!

Mountain chic

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer 

Plaid and flannel

Movie-night outfits

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Living in Jamaica, you have probably realised that there isn't much to do in terms of weekend activities. Hence, we all go to the movies. It is a great way to hang out with friends, laugh and, of course, look amazing. These tips will show you how to achieve a standout, fashionable look that is just right for that buttered-popcorn-induced night.

Movie night 1

Which hero inspires your style?

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