Nyanda's style journey

Jamila Litchmore, Youthlink Writer

To many, Nyanda Thorbourne (@NyandaBnL) is still the other half of the duo Brick and Lace. However, now solo, there is no better way to describe her than in her own words. She is "a Jamaican girl, living her dream!" She is living life and doing music on her own terms. It is not easy to step away from all that you have known, but one adjusts.

Where fashion and music intersect

Fashion savvy

Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

Fashion trends change drastically from season to season; that makes it almost impossible to keep up. Especially on a high-school or college student's budget, it is impossible to revamp a wardrobe every season, but it's easy to be fashionable without spending a bundle. You just need to know the secrets.

Join the tribe

Stephanie Lyew and Danielle McCook, Youthlink Writers

Prints usually tell a story; each piece or pattern is a sentence so to speak. The story of African textiles dates beyond the era of slavery. Young African men were taught the art of weaving, while females spun thread and made the dyes. During slavery talents of slaves were said to have been exploited by slave owners as a way to generate additional income.

Machu Ezra: A slice of gentleman

Danielle McCook and Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writers

We're exposing Machu Ezra's style this week and, from what we've seen, there's no shortcut when it comes to his image. The soulful Exposed and Shortcut singer likes to mix African culture with urban trends to really bring across that he is a Jamaican R&B/reggae artiste fused into one.