Back-to-school hairstyles

Ashley Hill and Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writers

FOR THOSE of you who are plagued with the constant worry and frustration of what to do with your natural, curly or processed hair, pay attention. Your crazy, voluminous hair is meant to be set free! Or, as I like to say, set free in incredibly easy and fabulous hairstyles. 

Summer fashion trends

Joerio Scott, Youthlink Writer

Each year, fashion houses recreate and revive catwalk-premiered fashion pieces so that retail fashion junkies can splurge their hard-earned money on them; guilty anyone? Since we share a love for fashion with you, our faithful Youthlink gents and ladies, we have decided to help you be thrifty and classy this summer.

Summer 1

Getting dressed for ball

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink Writer

Most students eagerly anticipate their high-school ball, which comes at the end of five gruelling years. In preparation for this one night of unforgettable memories, 'ballgoers' can spend hours shopping for the perfect dress, tuxedo and accessories. Here are a few tips they should keep in mind, though:

1. Too much glitter is a no-no

Hey, You Boy (Stylish tips)

Naomi Redway and Ashley Hill, Youthlink Writers