Kool Runnings Adventure Park

Latara Boodie Gleaner Writer

Where in Jamaica would be the most ideal place which would fit all the criteria such as family oriented, wet and dry activities and not to mention really good food? We have searched across the island and found a precious gem within Jamaican tourism, which is the Kool Runnings Water and Adventure Park.

The key features within Kool Runnings are the seven water slides which capture the essence of Jamaican culture through their names. These are; The Jamaica Bobsled Ride, Kick Puppalick, Green Grotto, Sly Mongoose, Duppy Conqueror, Lightning Bolt and the Red Snapper. Patrons can also simmer down in the Rio Bueno Lazy River or even take the kids to Captain Mikie’s Coconut Island. “People love the Lightning Bolt which is named after Usain Bolt and is our fastest slide. We try to keep the park relevant where Jamaica is concerned,” said Miller. For the persons that walk with their bellies Kool Runnings have several restaurants packed with Jamaican delicacies. These restaurants include the Sweet Potato, Adventure Zone Grill, Guava Jelly Café and Dasheen. “These are very creative names that keeps us close to our roots, for Jamaicans they are able to connect and for tourist they are able to learn” explained Miller. The landscaping of Kool Runnings also comprises of several labeled fruit trees and other flora which are indigenous to Jamaica. 

“We also have Kabanas which are for rental and are a perfect escape from the sun,” added Miller when asked about the other amenities offered by Kool Runnings. Persons will have the option of participating in the live entertainment which is done on stage and coordinated by the staff of the water park. While at Kool Runnings there is never a dull moment as there are several activities to part take in. “There is a dance off contest, musical chairs, hool-a-hoop, you name it,” said Miller. Kool Runnings also offer customized birthday packages for those who are interested in creating a fun adventure for their special day.   

Apart from the wet tours and the multiple restaurants, Kool Runnings has incorporated soft adventure tours which are suitable for persons who would like to stay dry. These dry land tours involve Go-Karts, Paint Balls and Jamboo Rafting on the Morass. “At Kool Runnings, you will have a fun experience, it is very diverse in terms of activities. We aim at ensuring we provide excellent customer service and want our patrons to have a fun experience within a safe environment,” said Miller. 
The must try activity when at Kool Runnings is definitely the gyroscope. This is for those who are not afraid of experiencing twists and turns at a very high speed. “People must also try Paint Balling and our Jamboo Rafting tour which we are developing to be a world class tour,” said Miller. 

The age limit for Kool Runnings is unlimited due to the variation of activities found on the grounds. “We have something for everybody,” said Miller. All patrons over 4 feet can participate in all the activities at Kool Runnings. The pricing for Kool Runnings is done according to height. “For patrons over 4 feet the rate is $3090 JMD and for patrons under 4 feet the rate is $2375 JMD. This will give persons access to all the slides and the lazy river. The dry adventure tours are a separate cost. However, we offer an all-inclusive rate which is $8625 JMD which includes access to everything and a meal,” explained Miller.

Kool Runnings Negril is now open on Tuesday-Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM.
For more information about Kool Runnings you can visit and on Facebook.   

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