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If you’re looking for a day of pure and diverse fun, get excited about taking a trip to DaCosta Farm and Attraction, located in the southern parts of Hill Run, St Catherine. Take your friends or family along for the enjoyment. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the impressive view of DaCosta Farm’s own fresh-water fish pond, an introduction to a promising day filled with various attractions.

Paint-balling, fishing, an MX bike track, buggy rides and the ever-appealing water park are just some of the things that will get you excited. Karen DaCosta, DaCosta Farm’s general manager, claims that it is truly a place for family activities.

“Everything is here for a family to do. If dad wants to do fishing, then the child can to go to the water park with mommy. After that, mommy can go for a drive on a buggy. Paint-ball is also an exciting activity for a group,” Karen explains.

The recently renovated water park perfectly facilitates children, with the pool being approximately three feet deep and constantly manned by one or both of the lifeguards on staff. Karen also informs that all staff are carefully chosen based on work experience and references.

“We’ve had people come here to host their children’s birthdays and they’ve said everything, [including] the staff and the atmosphere, was very good,” she emphasises.

An activity that is becoming ever more popular is fishing, which seems to be therapeutic for adults and exciting for children.

“For people who love fishing, it would be more exciting because the fish are from a pond instead of the sea; it’s a different experience,” she shares.

The property, once used exclusively for fish farming, now includes a bar and spacious eating area where customers can sit and wait for their catch to be prepared, all while listening to the familiar sound of classic Jamaican reggae. In addition to your own fish, DaCosta Farm provides a menu suitable for kids as well as for adults, with a commissary right next to the eating area selling all the popular candy a child could want.

A day at one of St Catherine’s most popular attractions is one for making memories, so the organisation makes sure to facilitate the capturing of these moments. Not only does DaCosta Farm have photographers on hand, there is also a print shop available on the compound.

Contact social media @dacostafarms, email, or telephone 876-381-4603, 876-463-3752, 876-293-3499 for more information.

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