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As Young people, many of us are constantly searching for entertainment and ways to live our ‘best lives’. We make plans and organise hangouts in an effort to make the most of our free time, but sometimes life gets in the way. Here are a few situations in which exciting plans may have to be cancelled; think about it, what you would do?

You and your friends have been looking forward to your school’s graduation ball for the entire year. You’ve all coordinated your outfits, got dates, and planned exciting activities for the night. It feels like your last chance to have fun together before you all graduate. On the weekend of the event, you come down with a terrible cold; your symptoms include a fever, painful coughing, constant sniffling and a headache. Medication is only helping minimally at this stage. Your parents, and even the doctor, suggest that you stay home and recover. You really don’t want to miss your only graduation ball and cancel on your friends.


• Stay home and let your plans go to waste? (50%)
• Go to the ball and risk worsening your flu and making others sick, too? (50%)

“When I get sick, it’s usually very bad, so not much could make me leave my bed, much less my house.” (Adrianna, 17)
“Balls and stuff like that sound like once in a lifetime, so I think I’d try my best to experience it with my friends, if that were me.” (Sasha-Gaye,16)


Your friend’s birthday party is the day before a huge assignment, which you had forgotten about, is due. You promised your friend that you’d be there, as you’ve been helping him/her plan the party for a long time. However, the assignment will take all day to complete. You could risk going to the party and trying to complete the assignment in the night after you get home, but assignments done like that in the past have always been done poorly.


• Miss your friend’s birthday party? (80%)
• Go and risk doing a really poor assignment? (20%)

“I’d have to do my work and get my friend a really nice present or something, I guess.” (Tovia, 17)
“Doing assignments the night before is like a tradition for me, LOL, so I’d try my best to make the party.” (Daniel, 16)

For months you’ve been planning a summer trip to the States to spend some holiday time and see your favourite artiste in concert. It seemed like a miracle that your aunt was able to get you the tickets. However, you’ve just found out that you’ve been granted the summer internship that you didn’t even remember that you had applied for but really wanted. It is a very valuable internship, which is why you hardly expected to get it. Now that you have it, though, you don’t really know what to do.


• Refuse the internship and go on your trip? (10%)
• Cancel your trip and take advantage of the internship? (90%)

“My favourite artiste is BTS and I don’t think I’d ever get the chance to see them in concert again, so if I had the chance, I would go.” (Lisannia, 14)
“The internship is obviously the smart thing to do. Trips like that could come again, but internships are really hard to get.” (Oshane, 17)


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