Desvaun Vanriel: Striving for Lasting Success

Kajamba Fitz-Henley YOUTHLINK WRITER

Yet another shining story of academic success comes via current Wolmer’s Boys’sixth-former Desvaun Vanriel. The diligent youngster received eight ones and two twos overall, though he only sat nine Caribbean SecondaryEducation Certificate exams in June 2018. He did the principles of business exam in 2017, but chemistry, English A, English B, geography, information technology, mathematics, physics, accounts, and technical drawing were done earlier this year.

Despite having taken the principles of business exam the year before for an early start, Desvaun was still mildly jittery during his fifth-form exam year at Wolmer's.

“For some exams, I was nervous. I felt that panic like I wasn’t going to do as well as I was supposed to do,” the young student shares. As a result of deadlines for SBAs and other graded material, Desvaun reveals that he felt he didn’t start studying from as early as he would have liked. However, the lost time was rectified with extra studying sessions between assignments, and sometimes between the actual exams.

“For certain exams, I wasn’t too confident and I went in there a little nervous, but I just applied everything that I knew.” Of course, it paid off in the end.

The experience of finally receiving his remarkable results after such pressure was described as “very happy” for Desvaun, and his biggest supporter, his mother.

“Before I got my results, the system was shut down because everyone was going on it [checking their results], so from 4-11 p.m. I was nervous. When I finally got it, I shouted for my mother to come, because I was so excited, and when she saw the grades she shouted, too.”Biggest supporter“My mother helped me a lot. She helped me in everything. She made sure I had extra lessons, any help I needed she would make sure I got it and if I didn’t understand anything, she would try to find a teacher[to help].”

Such was the determination of Desvaun’s mother, Una Vanriel, to help him succeed, that she did whatever was needed. Speaking about her son’s studies, she states, “As soon as I recognised a need, I never gave up until he got the clarification he needed. I had no free weekends for the period of September 2017 to June 2018. His education was my priority. I got so involved, it felt as if I was also sitting exams.” She went even further to highlight specific tutors who provided exceptional help in securing Desvaun’s continued academic progress.“All the extra lesson tutors were excellent. However, his extra lesson tutor for IT, Mr. Gentles of School of excellence, Mr. Bailey of Excelsior for TD, and Mr. Fitzroy Hall for maths provided tremendous support.”

Continuing hard work

“If you don’t focus, you’re not going to do as well as you plan to, so make sure you have a study plan. If you don’t think you can manage it, you can always ask for help. Even though it might be stressful at times, you can do it if you try your best” is Desvaun’sadvice to fellow students, as well as his plan of action going forward.

As he continues his studies at Wolmer’s sixth form, Desvaun describes the experience as “good so far”. He studies physics, management of business, computer science, pure mathematics, and compulsory communication studies. He points out that pure mathematics is essential for his future profession as an electrical engineer. Before any of the actual engineering starts, the young man is resolved to working his way through sixth form as he also prepares for SATs in anticipation of attending an overseas university. He has his sights set on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, though, true to his nature of planning and preparation, he has several other options in mind. With such diligent nature and a formidable support system, Desvauncontinues to strive for more lasting success.


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