Would You Rather: Asking for favours

For some, asking for favours is as much a Jamaican characteristic as sprinting or dancing. Whether it’s asking a random person for a loan or ‘begging a bly’ in traffic, Jamaicans have no qualms about requesting the generosity of others. Some think this has transformed into a culture of mendicancy, reflecting badly on our people. But regardless of whether it is viewed as begging or simply requesting, asking for a favour is a universal act. It doesn’t always have to be negative. There is no shame in asking when you are in need, but some of us want to be careful not to make a habit of it. We... read more

Children First’ Eyes Expansion After Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award

Kingston, Jamaica –Thursday, April 5, 2018: Amid tepid conversations about education, teachers and schooling in Jamaica, Claudette Richardson-Pious always ensures she takes a Children First approach. The 2008 ANSA Caribbean Award for Excellence Laureate is the co-founder and executive director of Children First, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Jamaica’s street children.

Richardson-Pious explains that it was through teaching that she developed the love for children. To contribute to their safety and development, and to actively help to... read more

Chelsea Wright and the Girls Who Know

To raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health issues that are often overlooked within our society is how eighteen year old Campionite, Chelsea Wright describes the movement, Girls Who Know.

“I’ve always been involved in youth advocacy but it was never my intention to start something of my own, I never saw myself doing that,” she told Youthlink.
She said she encountered a turning point when she came by an article in which the head of the Family Planning board of Jamaica expressed deep concern over a case that included a fifteen year old girl being raped by a pastor. ... read more

Would You Rather: Money and Morals

 Despite the similar sound the words share, money and moral often do not share the same value among individuals. It seems that one must always take precedence to the other. Money is commonly referenced as the “root of all evil”. Such a saying makes it easy to see why money so frequently causes us to compromise our moral beliefs. However it is just as easy to argue that the saying in no way provides justification for unscrupulous actions in the name of money. The following scenarios might help us decide how to better organize our sense of money and morals:
·         Your parents are... read more

Face Off: Kishae James and Tavene Henry

The Boardofwisdom.com tells us that “friendship is not about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who came and never left your side.” Well Kishae James and Tavene Henry have been side by side for approximately 13 years now. The two  best friends find out if the length of their friendship equates to the strength of their friendship in this week’s Face Off Challenge. Maximum score = 18 points!

What is your best friend's most treasured item? 

Kishae: The item that Tavene treasures the most is her phone. Mine would also be my phone.
... read more

Face Off: Kajona Brooks and Samantha Powell

According to coolfunnyquotes.com, “A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have”.  Many of us have that one friend that we feel extremely lucky to have, a best friend. Best friends, Kajona Brooks and Samantha Powell have been feeling lucky to have each other for 6 years now. This week they test their friendship knowledge in our Face Off Challenge. Maximum score = 8 points! 

 What movie would your best friend certainly cry in?
Kajona: Titanic would make her cry. For me it would be Missing You Already 
... read more

JMMB Group & WLI Join in Celebrating International Women’s Day 

SPS_3761_resize: (L-R) St. George’s High School student, Jahmali Blackwood shares his views on gender issues with his colleagues, O’Neil Corinaldie, Saphari Henry and Niquae Herdsman and Kim Mair (centre), CEO, JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation at the recently held Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) International Women’s Day forum, which took place at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. The event which was themed, ‘#MeToo: The Jamaican Response’ explored the role of several women’s organization in assisting women who have been victims of abuse and other gender related matters. A panel also examined... read more

Nestlé Scouts ‘Youth’ at CMU Career Fair

For these four CMU students, “it all starts with a Nescafé.”

THE CARIBBEAN Maritime University (CMU) hosted its annual career fair for final-year students under the theme ‘Transitioning for the World of Work’. The aim of the event is to adequately prepare prospective graduates for the work environment. The CMU strives to repare industry ready graduates and seeks partnership in accomplishing this, relying on the expertise of industry professionals. The career fair was held on February 27, between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Interviews were facilitated throughout the event to scout for potential youth for its ‘Nestlé Needs YOUth’ summer internship programme... read more

Would You Rather? – Little siblings 

Siblings (n.)  A combination of a best friend and a pain in the neck (‘teen definitions’, Pinterest). 

To those of us who have siblings, we’ve all had moments where we love them endlessly, and others where we wonder how it’s possible that we’re even related to them. This can happen especially often with our little siblings. They’re the ones that we want to protect, but also yell at for their annoying existence. So it’s often hard to make decisions when it comes to our pesky little sibs. Here are a few scenarios that might help us clarify how we really feel about our little siblings... read more

The best or worst valentine day experience

The day of couples, chocolate and flowers is upon us, however this year Youthlink conducted a VOX pop to see what you guys would consider to be the best or worst valentine day experience. We got a few responses which was based on personal experiences, and some which portrayed what they considered the worst and best experiences. So let the experiences begging. 

Kelshaire Ellis Age: 19 “My worst Valentine’s Day 
Next to Christmas I always look forward to Valentine’s Day regardless of any situation I’m in. But February 13, 2016 was one of the worst days of my... read more


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