Countdown: 7 Jamaican sayings we don’t use anymore

A large part of our history and culture has always been our proverbs of didactic, comedic or portentous significance. These are things we would hear every day in Jamaica. However there are certain sayings that seem to be disappearing from our daily life. Though the use of proverbs tends to be sparse among the youth of our country, any young person with grandparents or old-fashioned parents can identify sayings like “one-one co-co full basket” or “wah sweet nanny-goat a guh run ‘im belly”. Although, even this feature of our culture appears to be waning. Members of the upcoming generation of... read more

Would You Rather: Etiquette

According to the Oxford Dictionary it is “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group”. In Jamaica, etiquette is often referred to as simple “mannas an’ respek”. The correct etiquette varies based on the situation. For example, etiquette in the home might be more relaxed than etiquette at a formal function. Regardless, there are scenarios in which we all sometimes forget or question which form of etiquette is appropriate. The following are scenarios in which etiquette doesn’t appear as simple as what we were taught as youngsters:... read more

The art of Photography

Creating Art is perhaps one of the greatest things that someone can do for their soul. Art is a way in which someone can express their thoughts and emotions that cannot be done through regular communication. Of course, art comes in many forms, with drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing being the more traditional ones. However, in recent history, there has been a rise in popularity of a relatively new form of art – photography. Photographs can be used to report events, tell stories and express unspoken thoughts.

These are concepts that 19-year-old Leniel Rose is more than... read more


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