Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer Teacher's Day is the time to recognise and appreciate all the effort and hard work that educators have put in, in order to teach us all that they can. Want to step into their shoes and see what you would be like as a teacher? What teaching personality you have?
Try not to lose your jaw reading these facts! 1) A shrimp's heart is in its head. 2) It is physically impossible for a pig to look up in the sky. 3) Rats can't vomit. 4) A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why. 5) Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants. Sources:
Diana Arias-Lazcano, Youthlink Writer At some point in life, we are bound to come across wolves in sheeps' clothing, aka, fake friends! They are like tumors, literally. Snip the ties you have with toxic friends because, according to a new study done at the University of California, having bad friendships causes higher levels of inflammatory proteins which are known to cause heart disease, depression and, yup, cancer!
Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer Feel free to ask your favourite teacher to see if you've chosen the correct answer! 1. You're at school and a fire suddenly erupts close by your classroom. Everybody begins to rush to the exit, including your teacher. After hearing that someone has been left behind, and the fire has already taken over your entire classroom, what will your teacher most likely do, rush inside to save the student OR stay outside with everyone else and wait for the fire department?
It's Teachers' Day and we are giving away free data plans for a week to five winners! HOW TO ENTER:
In high school, we meet all different types: the teacher whose mere presence causes us to straighten up in the lunch line; the teacher who we hardly take seriously because of his/her permanent smile; not to mention the one we feel we can trust because he/she goes beyond the call of duty every day. What stands out about your favourite teacher? Nathan Vickers:
Mickella Anderson, Youthlink Writer In this section I appraise, in dollar value, things that do and don't make sense. If an issue is of great importance to me, I will give it a value of $1,000. Every subsequent issue will be given a reduced dollar value to reflect its decreasing significance to me. $1,000 - If you're reading this, thank a teacher!
Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer Almost everyone is on a social media network where they express themselves in their own way. So let's see which of these social media networks best describes you. 
Try not to lose your jaw reading these facts!