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YL: Schools' Challenge Quiz Round-Up 

Glenmuir team members (from left): Jermaine James, Dejontae Dawkins, Phillip Lloyd, and DeAndré Nelson. 

Kareem LaTouche Youthlink Coordinator

The Campion-MoBay High face-off

Week eight of the Schools' Challenge Quiz competition was a very intense week of competition with a few surprises here and there. Let's start with the penultimate match of the week - match 44 between Campion College from St Andrew and Montego Bay High from St James.

The contest got off to a good start for both teams, with Campion securing seven points and Montego Bay just behind on four points. However, things took a turn in the speed section when Team Campion answered almost all the questions posed to them. Montego Bay, on the other hand, managed to secure 11 points and at the end of round two, Campion was on 29 points, 14 points ahead of Montego Bay, who was on 15 points.

Things remained the same throughout the buzzer section, with Campion College dominating the final round of the contest. At the sound of the final bell, Campion came out the winners with a whopping 61 points to Montego Bay's 13 points.

Manchester High still holds the record for the highest score in this season's competition. Campion fell four points short of equalling and five points short of bettering the 65 points set by the Manchester team in round one of the competition. 


The Campion team members (from left): Clinton Reid, Stephan Griffiths, Chantae Garricks, and Desmond Edwards. 


The Montego Bay High School team members (from left): Shanae Lewis, Britannia Samuels, Tisana Richards, and Tamia Blake. 

The results of week 8 matches

  • Monday: Kingston College 34 points vs Morant Bay High 23 points.
  • Tuesday: Central High School 40 points. vs Charlemont High 25 points.
  • Wednesday: Knox College 36 points vs Glenmuir High 21 points.
  • Thursday: Campion College 61 points vs Montego Bay High 13 points.
  • Friday: Ardenne High 37 points vs Mona High 34 points. 


The boys from Knox College (from left): Tajaun Gibbison, Mickel Douglas, Niguel Walker, and Ayodeji Adedipe. 

Glenmuir team members (from left): Jermaine James, Dejontae Dawkins, Phillip Lloyd, and DeAndré Nelson. 


Members of the Ardenne team (from left): Addison Biggs, Brian Brooks, Deidrie Wadsworth, and Akeelia Richards. 

Mona High's team (from left): Prakash Sejwani, Chrisalee Smith, Shemar Ellis, and Caswell Baylis. 

Neck and neck, but Ardenne wins

Another intense match, and probably the most intense of the season, was that between Ardenne High and Mona High. This match kept members of the audience on the edge their seats and engaged from the start to the end of the much-talked-about match.

The contest started out very close with Mona securing seven points, one point behind Ardenne, who ended on eight points at the end of the opening round. Both teams made use of the speed section and questions were answered at the drop of a hat. However, Ardenne widened the lead on Mona, but the very determined members of the Mona team were not deterred by the margin.

Going into the final challenge, Ardenne was ahead on 31 points with Mona on 22 points. This is where palms began to sweat, the biting of nails and tapping of feet began, and nerves filled the studio as both teams took turns answering questions and with about one minute left in the game Mona was right behind Ardenne. And for every contest, there is the team that triumphs and the other that is defeated. Ardenne walked away triumphant at the end of an enticing buzzer section. 
The Kingston College team (from left): Lowan Martin, Shane Bennett, Conrad Dallas, and Tridicio Edwards. 

Team members from Charlemont High (from left): Akeim Dunkley, Tawana Spaulding, Brandon Buckley, and Ashley Findlay. 
The Central High team (from left): Joel Fagan, Darrel Wright, Devonte Smith, and Kedan Bailey. 

morant bay.JPG
Morant Bay High School's team (from left): O'Brian Smith, Leon Haley, Tahira Miller, and Micayah Ritchie. 


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