Would You Rather:Time To Try Something New

Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

Reluctance to trying something new can be due to fear or just a strong belief that we will automatically dislike whatever the new thing is. However, everyone has to try something new at some point. Here are some scenarios to stimulate your thoughts about trying something new.

You and your parents are at your cousin’s wedding and the main course for the meal is some variation of rodent meat. Your cousin is from overseas and this meat is very popular in his culture. Everyone at the table seems enthusiastic to try the meat dish, but the very thought of it makes you queasy. If you don’t eat it, everyone, including your parents, will notice and it will be seen as disrespectful to your cousin and his culture. Also, your parents have warned you to not embarrass them, and you know there will be a price to pay if you do.

a. Eat the rodent meat even though you’ve never had it before? (30%)
b. Be disrespectful and get in trouble with your parents? (70%)


  • “LOL! I guess I’d try it just for fun, just to see how it tastes. I just think that would be a cool thing to say I tried.” (Jordina, 17)
  • “Rat meat is high on my list of NOs. Nobody could force me to eat it. Nuh-body.” (Favian, 16)

Your schoolmates are having a huge party to end the summer. It is an annual event and these parties have a reputation for being crazy and fun. Until now, you haven’t been able to attend, as it is exclusively for upper schoolers. Finally, you’re in fifth form and you can get to go. However, your mother is worried about what may go on at these parties, and she insists that you must be properly covered if you are to go. Her idea of properly covered is wearing an ugly, long dress that is definitely not your style. You’ve been wanting to go to this party for years and your friends expect you to be there.


a. Wear the dress despite it being nowhere near your style? (60%)
b. Not wear the dress and miss the party? (40%)

  • “Simple answer: change at the party.” (Nyoka,18)
  • “I love fashion, so if somebody ever tries to force me to wear something that is against my style, then that’s just when I have to rebel.” (Brianna, 17)

You and your friends saved for a trip to a resort in Negril. While you are all there, the resort announces that they are having a scavenger hunt/obstacle course competition, the prize for which is a set of Apple electronics, including the latest iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, as well as free passes for another weekend stay at the resort. You really want the MacBook, as you have needed a computer for your schoolwork for a long time, but you could never afford one. However, the obstacle course includes cliff jumping and you are really afraid of heights, thus you have never tried cliff jumping before. If you can just get past the really dangerous jump, then you can more than likely win the competition.


a. Do the cliff jump and have a real chance at winning the competition? (60%)
b. Avoid the competition and lose what is possibly your only chance of getting a laptop? (40%)

  • “I’m sort of an adrenaline junky, so I’d do the cliff jumping for sure.” (David, 18)
  • “One time, I climbed a tree when I was five, then cried until my parents came and took me out. It was the shortest tree in my yard, so, I don’t play with heights.” (Cami, 15)


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