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Travelling is definitely one thing no one has been able to avoid. Sometimes it can be fun and luxurious, other times strenuous and aggravating. Often, it’s the circumstances under which we’re travelling that makes the difference. Bear that in mind as you look at these scenarios and decide which you would rather.

You have an intense fear of flying – you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something will go terribly wrong on the aeroplane. It’s been diagnosed as a clinical problem and you’ve been prescribed medication that’s meant to help with the terrible anxiety it causes. But even though the medication has noticeably helped with your distress, you’re still hell-bent on not going on aeroplanes. Due to this, your parents have always planned the annual family vacation to either be within the country, or travelling by ship. However, this year, your father has been granted an all-expense paid family trip to Fiji. The country has always been on the top of your mother’s list of places to travel to, and the whole family is eager to go on the trip as well. However, they are mindful of your phobia, thus hesitant to show their excitement. You’re not sure you’d be able to manage an aeroplane trip that far, but you don’t want to stay and dampen the spirit of your family, or force them not to go.


• Attempt to brave the 14-hour trip (30%)
• Stay and risk tainting the family trip (70%)

• “Wow! That sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime thing though. I’d try not to let the fear stop me.” (TJ, 18)
• “If my phobia was that bad? Well, then, I’d have to stay. Couldn’t be so selfish to your family and make them stay.” (Kareene, 17)

The school you attend is hosting a trip to a water park for your grade. It will be a daylong trip with food and a few leisurely stops in between. The entire grade, including yourself, is extremely excited to go. Your parents are willing to let you go; however, they are a bit hesitant as you will have to take public transportation on your way back. They have to work late, so they won’t be able to pick you up from where the school bus will leave you. You’ve never taken public transportation before, and you will be the only one of your peers travelling the route you will have to take. The school bus will drop you off at 5 p.m., and you’ve approximated that the trip home will take an hour via public transport. You’re scared about travelling so late and by yourself for the first time, even though your neighbourhood is known to be relatively safe. Your parents want to know if you can handle it.


• Go on the trip and take public transport home (80%)
• Sacrifice the trip and avoid taking public transport (20%)

• “First, I’d have to check with all my friends’ parents to make sure they couldn’t take me, either. If they couldn’t, then I’d take the taxis and just be careful.” (Tara-Gay, 16)
• “Well, it would depend on where exactly I’m travelling from at that time ... but, generally, I don’t take taxis alone when it’s late.” (Latania, 17)

You’ve been invited to sport’s Day at your friend’s school. You really want to go, as you rarely see this friend, and you were also told that your crush will be at this sport’s day. However, getting to the school will be quite a long and hard journey, due to the bad roads. You don’t want to take public transport, as it is likely you won’t arrive in time. The only option would be to ask your father, but you know he is going to charge you $4,000 in gas and compensation money in order to drop you off and pick you up as well. If you pay him that much, you won’t have more than $500 of spending money for the sport’s day.


• Miss the sport’s day and save your money (20%)
• Pay your father to take you and barely have spending money for the day (80%)

• “It’s better to just save your money for something else instead of going and not enjoying it. I’d be too annoyed to enjoy that.” (Akisha, 17)
• “Just ask some friends to help you buy food and stuff, and just deal with whatever you can’t buy. It’s better to go and make the best of the sport’s day.” (Tavara, 14)

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