WOULD YOU RATHER: How would you spend your new years?

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Sooner than we think, it will be another year, another celebration, another set of resolutions, another set of choices. Let’s see if entering the upcoming new year will help us get any better at some of the things that life throws at us.

You and your friends have been planning a New Year’s party for a while now; your friend even arranged for your favourite Jamaican artiste to perform. A week before New Year’s Day, your aunt invites your entire family to New York to ring in the new year in Times Square with the traditional countdown. You don’t want to miss your party; however, the only persons your parents will trust you staying in Jamaica with are your ‘miserable’ grandparents whom you would have to take care of while you stay with them.

Would You Rather:
• Go to New York and miss your party? (60%)
• Stay with your miserable grandparents and get to go to your party? (40%)

• “Definitely New York. New York seems like a nice compromise for missing a party!”
– Khalia, 18
• “I couldn’t miss my favourite artiste for anything, so New York would have to miss me.”
– Davane, 16

You’re tired of making new year resolutions and never following through with them, so your best friend, who is very daring, makes a bet with you that if you keep the resolution that he/she personally comes up with for you, then he/she will pay you $7,000. However, you will not find out what the resolution is until you have to do it. You really want the $7,000, as you are trying to save for the coming year’s carnival, for which your parents will not give you money. You’re not sure you will save enough for carnival, so your best friend’s money would really help.

Would You Rather:
• Take the bet and trust your friend to come up with your resolution? (40%)
• Don’t take the best and find the money elsewhere? (60%)

• “If it’s my best friend, then I think I could trust her to come up with a resolution for me, even though she’s crazy, but I’m crazy too, LOL.”
– Anika, 15
• “I hate taking bets like that. I’m too scared of what people will do.”
– Cari-Ann, 17

Recently, your grades have been slipping. You failed the Christmas term exams and your parents have decided that unless you improve the grades on your last report with extra credit, they will cancel the annual family new year’s trip to the States. This trip is always something you look forward to, as you’re always allowed to shop for new clothes. However, the extra credit assignments require you to spend most, if not all, of your Christmas break at school, making up for failed tests, homework assignments and exams.

Would You Rather:
• Sacrifice your Christmas for the new year’s trip? (70%)
• Have the trip cancelled but keep your Christmas break? (30%)

• “If I really failed the term, then I pretty much deserve to make up for it with the break.”
– Traci, 18
• “The failings happened already, so what’s the sense in wasting Christmas? Just wait next year for the next trip.”
– Annya, 14.

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