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Christmas is a time for giving, eating sumptuous food, spending time with family, partying with friends, worshipping and, in general, enjoying life. However, all this doesn’t mean that Christmas is always merry. Sometimes we can face issues during Christmas simply because we are unable to celebrate it how we like to, or we cannot decide what we’d rather do with the festive season. Check out these situations.

It’s Grand Market night, and you and your friends have been preparing for it for weeks now. However, your parents are going to a business function but they can’t take your little sister, who is determined not to go to a function she finds boring. Your parents want you to watch her, and you can’t take her with you, either. You have a sickly grandmother who lives nearby and you consider leaving your sister with her, but your parents usually refrain from asking her to babysit to avoid burdening her.

Would you rather:

• Leave your little sister with your sickly grandmother? (30%)
• Miss Grand Market to take care of your stubborn sister? (70%)

“Depends on how sick my grandma was, but I’d be very reluctant to sacrifice a night I’ve been planning just because my sister is spoilt.”
Denzil, 17

“I’d be too worried. If I left my sister and went to Grand Market, I’m sure my parents would find out somehow.”
Millie, 15

Everyone is coming to your house for Christmas dinner, including your little cousins who are always pulling horrible pranks on you, such as stealing your money and cutting your hair. Your parents ignore it because your cousins are young. However, you are determined not to deal with it this year. The only way your parents will allow you to miss a family function is for a school function. Your school happens to be hosting a special celebratory function, but it is solely focused on worship, thus, no food will be served.

Would you rather:
• Go to the school function to avoid your troublesome cousins? (20%)
• Stay at the family function and endure your cousins’ unpredictable pranks? (80%)

“You see because I hate my family at Christmas anyway, I’d just go to the school thing.”
Simone, 18

“Food before everything; stay with my family for the food and plan my own pranks for my cousins.”
Courtney, 16

Your parents are struggling financially and they can’t afford to get you any Christmas gift this year. However, you really want a new school bag because you feel the one you currently have is embarrassing. Your friend’s parents have purchased one for you as a Christmas present because they heard you talking about it, but you are reluctant to accept it because your own parents will feel offended and embarrassed.

Would you rather:
• Accept the bag and have your parents feel embarrassed? (40%)
• Carry the bag you already have and feel embarrassed yourself? (60%)

“If I don’t accept the gift, then what would I tell my friend’s parents? Either way, someone will feel offended, so I may as well take it and not embarrass myself.”
Johnson, 19

“I’d feel bad if my parents really couldn’t afford it, so I wouldn’t make them feel bad by accepting it.”
Allya, 18

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