Would You Rather: Doing Chores

Kajamba Fitz-Henley

Since we were children growing up, we could never avoid them – chores! Even if we’re no longer forced to do them, the reality is that the daily household tasks are still there, they still need to be done, and they are still annoying to do. Since some are even more menacing than others, we’ll still do whatever we can to avoid doing these tasks. Let us ponder exactly how far we would or wouldn’t go when it comes to doing chores.

  •  You have an eightpage essay to write for history. It’s due in the morning, which means you only have the night to do it; the teacher won’t take it once the deadline passes. You haven’t started because you hate history, and the very idea of the essay gives you a headache. You know you won’t finish it. Your sister offers to do it for you in exchange for you doing her chores, which include cleaning two bathrooms and kitchen, cleaning up after the dog, and cooking dinner for the household every week for two months. She also says she’ll write any other history homework essay that you get in the future. Not doing the essay will get you severely punished by the teacher and also mess up your average, but you are sceptical because you know your sister hasn’t done history in three years. You also really hate the idea of cleaning up after a dog.


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