Would You Rather: Delayed gratification

Kajamba Fitz-Henley

This is an issue we all struggle with: “Do I enjoy what I can now or wait for the future when it could be better??”. Most people have to face decisions like these in everyday life. Some call delaying gratification discipline while others see it as stupidity. This week’s Would You Rather is meant to explore just how many of us prefer planning for the future as opposed to living in the moment. 

  • You see a phone that you’ve wanted for months as your phone is cracked and always malfunctioning. The phone you’re eyeing is the new trend at the moment but you could never afford one. Recently you started saving to attend a party with your friends after graduation in 3 and a half months. You each needed $18000 in order to get in a fully enjoy yourself at the party. You’ve already saved up $9000 but you are currently considering spending it on the phone you want. The phone is currently on a sale which will end in 2 days. This is the only time you will be able to afford it. 

Would You Rather
Spend the money on the phone (30%)
Continue saving and do without the shoes (70%)
“If it’s a really valuable phone that i’ll never see that cheap again then yes, i’d buy.” (Symone, 18)
“I’m really serious about saving once I get started and it’s something I really want to save for. So usually nothing can distract me from that.” (Sereena, 16)

  • You’ve been wanting to get particular hairstyle which your school prohibits for a really long time now. Everyone thinks the rule against the hairstyle is stupid. You planned to get the style after school ends in a week but there is a party coming up this weekend which you feel you absolutely need the hairstyle for. Your hairdresser can get you the hairstyle for this weekend however she won’t be available again until a month after. She is the only hairdresser you trust to do your hair. However, if you get caught with the hairstyle at school you will get detention for the entire final week of school, including the last day. 

Would You Rather
Get the hairstyle now and risk getting into trouble at school (30%)
Miss the party and have to wait a month for the hairstyle you want (70%)
“Get the hair and take the detention for sure. I’d get to go to the party and at least i’d be looking cute too.” (Mona, 15)
“I don’t consider my hairstyles all that important so that seems like too much trouble for one hairstyle to me personally.” (Nia, 17)

  • Your parents have forbidden you from dating until you are 18. You are now 17 and you have a crush at school that you’ve liked for a whole year. However this person is just now showing interest. Your crush randomly asks you if you would be interested in dating them. In order to date him/her you’d have to lie to your parents which you don’t like doing. You would also have to go to great lengths to do it as your mother constantly checks your phone and rarely allows you to go anywhere without her. However if you tell your crush that they to wait a year, you’re not sure that he/she will wait even though he/she seems very interested. 

Would You Rather
Wait a year to date (60%)
Lie to your parents and risk getting caught with a boy (40%)
“A year isn’t that long plus waiting just sounds like the right thing to do.” (Monique, 16)
“If it’s someone i’ve wanted to date for that long then i’d try it and see how it goes.” (Kayla,18)

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