WOULD YOU RATHER: Dealing with animals

Kajamba Fitz-Henley CONTRIBUTOR

Interacting with the various quadrupeds and bipeds of the animal kingdom brings a lot of joy to many of us, while the rest of us may shake in terror. Regardless of whether we love them or not, animals are a part of the world, thus we all have to interact with them from time to time. Here are some scenarios to narrow down how you really feel about interacting with animals.

You are extremely afraid of cows – whenever you’re too near to them you start showing signs of panic, which sometimes agitates your asthma. You refuse to walk near cows at any time. However, while on vacation in the countryside, you see a herd of them on your walk home one day. In order to get to your house, which is approximately 20 houses away, you have to walk around the cows. The only alternative is to turn around and take the opposite route home, which is twice as long. On a regular day you would probably take that option, however, your shoes have been threatening to fall apart. If you walk in them for much longer, you are almost sure it will result in you having to walk home barefooted.


• Take your chances and walk the longer route? (20%)
• Try and brave your way around the cows? (80%)

•“No, I don’t mess with cows. I’m just glad I don’t really have to see them much.” (Trishauna, 18)
•“Make a mad dash past the cows and get to my yard.” (Keri-Ann, 17)

For the biology course at your school, each student is required to dissect a frog. You hate touching animals, therefore, the last thing you want to do is closely inspect the insides of a frog. However, it is required for your final class grade. Without a grade for the assignment, you will fail the course. The only extra credit activity your teacher will offer requires you to clean the biology lab, which takes at least 90 minutes every day, for the entire term (three and a half months).


• Dissect a frog for one class? (60%)
• Clean the biology lab every day for three months? (40%)

• “If it’s the first and last time I’d have to do something like that, then I could bare it for one class.” (Emilia, 16)
• “I’ve always found that frog tradition too gross to even imagine, so I would be cleaning the labs.” (Kimisha, 17)

You’ve been asking your parents to get you a dog for years. In addition to loving the company of dogs, having dogs will prevent the neighbourhood cats from entering your yard and upsetting your allergies every day. Your parents have decided that they are going to grant your wish, on condition that they will only be getting three large pitbulls to protect the yard. You will be solely responsible for them, meaning that you have to see to it that they are fed, cleaned and prevented from making any mess. You will also have to use your Saturdays to walk them around the neighbourhood.


• Sacrifice your time and energy towards taking care of three large dogs? (40%)
• Have no dogs and continue dealing with the cats every day? (60%)

• “I absolutely HATE cats so, yes, I’d take care of the dogs.” (Yari, 16)
• “I can’t even take care of myself much less three dogs.” (Adrian, 17)

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