WOULD YOU RATHER: Are you addicted to social media?

Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

Social media may very well be the most defining feature of our generation. Many of us are accused of being addicted to social media and the many people and experiences available to us through it. The scenarios below may help you realise just how much you love social media and all that it offers.

You enjoy social media and have gained hundreds of followers over the years because of the pictures and funny videos you’ve posted. You’ve applied for a summer job as an intern for one of Jamaica’s biggest corporations. As an intern, you are told you would mainly be filing papers. However, you believe the job will assist you in your endeavour to become an entrepreneur. The corporation requires that all persons working there need to have a positive social media presence and they have several issues with your social media posts. You are told that you have to delete your accounts and establish new ones on the condition that you only post pictures and videos that the corporation deems appropriate. You do not find your posts inappropriate and you are reluctant to start all over and also have the corporation censor your expression on social media.

Would You Rather:
• Take the internship and have the corporation hinder your social media presence? (40%)
• Keep your social media as it is and lose the opportunity to learn from the corporation? (60%)

“If you want to work for certain businesses in the future, then you’re going to have to be careful what you post on social media anyway, so start from now.”
– Jacob, 17

“I’m a very free and expressive person and I wouldn’t like anyone at all telling me what I can and can’t post.”
– Shana-Kay, 16


You’ve been allowed to take your phone to IT class for a weekly activity. However, you and your classmates are constantly being spoken to for being on your social media apps during class time. Your teacher finally demands that everyone writes a five-page essay on the drawbacks of using social media, or she will speak to your parents and have them forbid you to use social media for an entire term. This includes WhatsApp! The essay is due the following day and the teacher will not accept any late assignments. Anyone who earns below 60 per cent on the essay will suffer the same consequences as those who do not write it.

Would You Rather:
• Write the five-page essay overnight? (30%)
• Refrain from using any form of social media for three months? (70%)

“I need to at least use WhatsApp and YouTube, so I’d try to write the essay and hope she gives me 60.”
– Shannel, 17

“My parents don’t even know I use social media, so they couldn’t stop me.”
– Britney, 16


One of your favourite social media stars is coming to be the emcee at a concert students are hosting at your school. However, the fee for the concert ticket is $3,000, which many students believe is unfair, given that it is merely your schoolmates who will be performing. You were not planning to attend until you found out that your favourite social media star will be present. You also want to be a social media star in the future, and you are hoping that you will be able to talk to the emcee if you go to the concert. The problem is that the only money you have is the $3,000 for your week’s lunch and your parents will not give you anymore money.

Would You Rather:
• Use the $3,000 to see you favourite social media star? (30%)
• Miss the concert and your only chance to meet your favourite social media star? (70%)
“Use the money and steal food from my friends for the rest of the week.”
– Craig, 15

“That’s too expensive for a school concert. You’re not gonna see me spending that much of my own money on anything for school.”
– Chrissa, 17

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