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Who is an advertising executive?

Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

An advertising executive plans programmes and conceptualises campaigns for clients who have products to sell or promote. This includes planning for the types of media which will be used in
the campaign. As an advertising executive, you have to create interest and excitement among potential buyers of a product or service. Advertising executives also work with sales staff and others to generate ideas for advertising campaigns and serve as a liaison between client and the advertising company for which they work.


A typical day for an advertising executive might involve:
• Planning promotional and/or advertising campaigns.
• Negotiating advertising contracts.
• Initiating market research studies.
• Evaluating the look and feel of websites and other media used in campaigns.
• Setting up market surveys and analysing research findings to understand customer and market opportunities.
• Developing strategies for products and services.
• Meeting with clients to provide marketing, advertising or related advice.
• Working with relevant persons to discuss budgets, contracts and marketing plans and selecting of advertising media.
• Travelling to meet with different clients.

This is a fulltime job that requires you to work the typical 40-hour workweek, but be prepared for anything. You may have to put in extra time to meet pressing deadlines. You may also be expected to handle several accounts at any given time.

These jobs are highly sought after and can be very competitive, with the rewards matching the expectations.


Someone who is highly creative and can come up with ideas which are new, different and exciting. Analytical skills, communication skills and organisational skills are very important assets. Being a people person and being assertive will also work best for you. As an advertising executive, you will work with a diverse population, so having great interpersonal skills will aid you best.


As an advertising executive, you can earn a medium- to high-level wage, depending on your status in the company and the size of the company. There’s also the possibility of finding your own clients and setting up your own agency.


To become an advertising executive, you will require a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, or any other related field. Some institutions may require you to have some form of work experience.


• The University of the West Indies
• The University of Technology
• University of the Commonwealth Caribbean
• Northern Caribbean University
• The Creative Production Training Institute/Media Technology Institute

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