Shamaro Brown is looking to make his mark in landscaping

Shamaro Brown

Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

Kellits High School’s head boy, Shemaro Brown, has his sights set on being an architect or a building engineer. This desire, he said, is powered by his love for the practical field. Today, he is thankful for having positive influences in his life, and he doesn’t even want to think what would have happened to him otherwise.

According to Shemaro, when he started Kellits High he wasn’t exactly a model student. “When I was in grade seven, while I was not disrespectful to teachers, I was very troublesome and used to pick on students and do troublesome things,” he confessed.

Shemaro credits the power of positive words for making a difference in his life. “My teachers would look at me and say that they saw potential in me and that I looked like I could be the future head boy of the school,” he shared.

He claimed that the more the teachers and his football coach praised him and highlighted his good qualities, the more he started to see himself in a different light. “I said to myself, ‘If they see all of that in me, then I can do better’,” he declared. From that point onwards, Shemaro said he wanted to be the student that they saw. There were many challenges, but thanks to his teachers and the extra attention given to him, they ensured he passed nine subjects.

Regarding the challenges of preparing for his CAPE exams, he said, “Crossing over wasn’t a piece of cake.”

Tasked with the responsibility of being head boy of the school, Shemaro said he doesn’t have any issues getting students to fall in line, as he has earned the respect of his peers.

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