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While it is true that August was the month for back-to-school shopping, there may be a few things that your parents have left behind. The best laptop, external hard drive or simple rechargeable must-haves that were never on the original list provided for you but may be helpful later in the school term when the assignments get more and more challenging. While many gadgets are classified a distraction by adults, check out the student-savvy technology that you may just be able to convince your parent/guardian to get for you.

1.Genius Micro Traveler 9000r Mouse

It has been called the smallest rechargeable wireless mouse. It can be placed in a pencil case or any small pocket and easily connected, whether by USB or wirelessly to a laptop. Once fully charged, it lasts up to four weeks because of the power-saving infrared technology. Persons who are not fans of the built-in trackpad will appreciate this more. The Genius Micro Traveler is compatible with both Windows and MAC computers. It’s only J$1,500. Rating: 6/10.

2.ADATA HV300 External Hard Drive

Instead of a regular USB thumb drive which many fifthand sixth-formers have been known to lose the day before an important assignment is due, an external memory device that packs up to five terabytes would be a better option. It is ideal for an individual on the go because of its slim (approximately 10mm) design and shock sensor for the clumsy characters. The shock sensor allows the ADATA HV300 to detect a fall and automatically shut down without corrupting files. Rating: 8.5/10.

3.BICONIC Unleash Wire-Free Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds show that it is becoming more and more possible to cut the cords and maintain highquality audio that can be used for good. This brand is a true wireless design, as it charges in a portable travel case. It is also lightweight and pairs easily with a tablet, phone or Bluetooth-enabled laptop. Rating: 6.5/10

4.Altec Lansing EverythingProof Power Pack

The one device high-schoolers need to have is back-up power for mobile phones or tablets. Especially with all the extracurricular activities, the early-morning charge may not last the long hours. This power pack is lightweight (floats on water);and, according to the package, it is waterproof, dustproof, and fall-proof. The rubber case design is so attractive that both males and females will go for it. Rating: 9.5/10.

5.EPSON WorkForce DS-30

This gadget is a portable document scanner to scan documents to PC, MAC or Cloud storage services with the downloaded software. It is also travelfriendly and scans up to legal-size documents for the days when a classmate may have a document with all the additional resource material or study guides, but there’s no place to make a copy that is affordable and within reach. Although it is not the newest design, it is still trendy for 2018. The only setback is that it scans one side per scan and requires paper to be manually put through the device.

6. IMEXX Keyboard

It is a flexible, foldable and waterproof keyboard that connects to most laptops or USB-equipped device and can also be used with a tablet with the correct micro-USB adapter cables. It is not the most necessary piece of gadget, but it can come in handy. It is available is numerous colours and is affordable for someone on lunch-money budget. Rating: 5/10

7.HP DeskJet printers

The HP line of multifunction printers is probably the most popular. Two of the stylish models, 2135 (everything except wireless ability) and 2675 (print, copy, scan and wireless functions) are currently on sale. Instead of spending $300 out of your weekly lunch allowance to get assignments and other documents needed for school, invest in one of these. Rating: 9/10.

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