The right approach to  teachers: Would you rather

Kajamba Fitz-Henley Youthlink Writer

It's no question that teachers play an important role in our lives. As our formal educators, they are a huge part of what we learn, how we learn, and even how well we do at times. Whether we love them or dislike them, it is in our best interest to develop a good relationship with our teachers. In this edition of Would You Rather we've provided situations that highlight how we tend to approach our teachers.

You can't stand your mathematics teacher. He is extremely loud and rude, but he teaches well. You missed a month of school due to illness and you need extra lessons to catch up. You can go to extras, but they are very expensive and your mother would have to work additional hours to pay for them. Your regular maths teacher does extra lessons for free, but you absolutely detest being around him.

Would you rather:

Make your mother have to work the added hours? (20%)

Go to the maths teacher you hate? (80%)

"If it were a teacher that I really can't stand, I think my mother would understand once I explained." (Julisa, 15)

"Who would ever do that to their mother? Just bear it and go to the man's extra lessons." (Dwayne, 17)

As a prefect, you're responsible for reporting any rule you see broken; this includes rules that apply to staff as well. Your chemistry teacher constantly shows up to class late and often uses 30 minutes of the class time to have her lunch. She explains that it is because she is completing her master's and barely has time for anything. The whole class loves her because she lets them eat in class and chat freely. However, exams are fast approaching and no one in class is prepared, as the teacher has barely taught anything. If you report her, she will mostly likely lose her job. However, if you don't, the class is likely to fail.

Would you rather:

Report her and risk her job? (60%)

Stay silent and risk the whole class failing? (40%)

"She signed up to do a job, so she has to do it. There's no excuse for risking your students' failure." (Ashley, 18)

"I don't know cuz that sounds really unfair to the students, but I just don't know if I could get a teacher I love fired." (Akayla, 16)

Your favourite teacher is leaving and you want to get her something special for her last Teacher's Day. She's been your teacher for seven years and she's become a real friend to you. However, the only money you have is the amount you were saving to buy a new phone. You've been saving it for months because your parents refused to give you the money for it. You've found the perfect gift for your teacher, but it is equally as expensive as your phone.

Would you rather:

Spend the money on the teacher's gift? (70%)

Spend the money on the phone? (30%)

"I'd get the teacher the gift, man. Like, if it's a teacher who actually did a lot for me, then I'd get it for her." (Imani, 17)

"Let's be honest, a phone is a phone and I don't think I could do without mine. I don't love any teacher like that; I'm sorry." (Leesa, 17)

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