Geneve Barnett-Fraser, Customer Service & Logistics Manager, IGL Ltd.  and her daughters Leah Barnett-Fraser (left) and Peta-Gaye Barnett-Fraser.

Kimesha Walters

When Roshelle Roberts took her 9-year-old daughter’s primary school report to work to brag to her colleagues about the child’s brilliance, little did she know the result would be one of jubilation, and that it would lead to her receiving a bursary from her new employers - IGL Ltd. – just eight months after she started working with the company. 

Roberts, a Credit Analyst had been enthused by her daughter’s performance over the years, as the star student consistently maintained an average above 90% at Polly Ground Primary in Linstead, St. Catherine. This stellar performance had given Mickayla Cole’s family reasons to celebrate year after year, but Roberts said she could hardly contain her excitement this time around.

“When I carried Mickayla’s report to work, I only took it because I was new at IGL and I was proud of my daughter and wanted to share the good news with members of my department. Everybody was saying, ‘Wow, well done!’ and Ruby Dillon – the Assistant to the HR Manager was so impressed that she immediately introduced me to the IGL internal bursary,” reminisced Roberts. “It felt good to know that Mickayla has been so dedicated to her work and now she was able to contribute to her own education because of it. She has maintained her grades to secure the bursary for the last three years since she was selected.”

22 children received bursaries

Now 12 years old and a student at Ardenne High School, Mickayla is one of 22 children of IGL staff members who have received bursaries valued at $15,000 for the 2017/2018 academic year. The IGL internal bursary programme was implemented over 20 years ago, with scores of beneficiaries since inception.

Geneve Barnett-Fraser, Customer Service & Logistics Manager, IGL Ltd. was elated when she got news that her two daughters Leah and Peta-Gaye who attend Stella Maris Preparatory School would both be awarded bursaries. “As a trained teacher, I believe that the work one puts in will determine the results, so for certain with this bursary my husband and I will work hard to help the girls maintain academic excellence throughout the year.” She added, “In these times of economic austerity any benefit of this kind helps to meet our family’s financial needs. It is a motivating tool for my girls to do well in school, and they are learning that nothing comes easy, and to be grateful for every gift and blessing they receive.”
Wayne Kirkpatrick, General Manager, IGL Ltd. with Roshelle Roberts, Credit Analyst, IGL Ltd. and daughter Mickayla Cole.


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