Face Off: Kajona Brooks and Samantha Powell

Kajamba Fitz-Henley

According to coolfunnyquotes.com, “A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have”.  Many of us have that one friend that we feel extremely lucky to have, a best friend. Best friends, Kajona Brooks and Samantha Powell have been feeling lucky to have each other for 6 years now. This week they test their friendship knowledge in our Face Off Challenge. Maximum score = 8 points! 

 What movie would your best friend certainly cry in?
Kajona: Titanic would make her cry. For me it would be Missing You Already 
Samantha: She would cry in Miss You Already and I would cry in Titanic.

What is the weirdest fear that she has?
Kajona: She’s afraid to die. I have a fear of holes.
Samantha: She’s too *Trypophobic, her worst fear is holes. Mine is DEATH. 

Which TV show/movie/book is he/she obsessed with?
Kajona: She’s obsessed with Hollywood Heights while I’m obsessed with Nancy Drew books.
Samantha: She’s sooooo obsessed with Nancy Drew (laughs). I’m obsessed with the movie Hollywood Heights.

If your best friend could have any luxury in the world, what would he/she pick?
Kajona: She would want a whole closet full of clothes jewelry,  I would like a would like a whole lot of food, or headsets.
Samantha: She would choose a phone, I would too.

If he/she was trapped on an island, what the one thing your best friend would want with him/her.
Kajona: She would want her best friend. I would want company and food.
Samantha: I guess she’d want FOOD here of course (laughs), and company like me. I’d want her to be there with me.

Which subject does he/she hate the most?
Kajona: She hates Accounts the most, I hate Chemistry.
Samantha: She hates Chemistry a lot. I hate Accounts.

If your best friend were getting a makeover, what is the most dramatic change he/she would make?
Kajona: She would change her teeth. I would change my hair and nose.
Samantha: She would want to makeover her knows. I’d make over my teeth, they are too short.

What would your friend say is the most annoying thing about you?
Kajona: She would say when I laugh and slap her I would say when she takes forever to answer messages.
Samantha: I think she would say I don’t reply to her messages quick enough even though she knows I’m a horrible texter (laughs), and the most annoying thing is when she’s laughing hard and hitting me...worst thing ever!

Total score: 6/8

* TRYPOPHOBIA is referred to as the fear of clusters of small holes or bumps.
Do you have a friend? A best friend? Well do what a best friend does and drag your bestie into this fun activity!
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