Celebration Time

Lamando Shepherd, Youthlink Writer.

Rusea’s High had a lot to celebrate after their 11 th victory in the DaCosta Cup championships 2017, and being a very high-spirited school, they had to celebrate with a bang. On December 4 th 2017 student’s teachers, parents, and even Rusea’s upporters got the opportunity to flaunt the fact that theyare the 2017 DaCosta Cup champions. The day commenced with a lively devotion ceremony which was led by students Dontae Gordon and Ramone Watson who along with the school musical band abolished any chance of boredom throughout the ceremony.

Coach Vassell Reynolds and Principal Linvern Wright also gave a highly entertaining motivational presentation, where they implored students to also use their determination in other areas and aspects in their lives. They also stressed the fact that they can have an influence on the crime level in the western sections of the island, and should try curb the violent actions amongst themselves. Soon after it was time for the champions to grace the celebration with their presence, many would have considered it the climax of the morning festivities. Students got a chance to interact with the team through dance sessions, gimmicks and performances, they also got the opportunity to interact with the beautiful DaCosta Cup whereby ending the ceremony with the team and students crowding the cup with loud cheers.

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