The best or worst valentine day experience

Youthlink Writer  Lamando Shepherd 

The day of couples, chocolate and flowers is upon us, however this year Youthlink conducted a VOX pop to see what you guys would consider to be the best or worst valentine day experience. We got a few responses which was based on personal experiences, and some which portrayed what they considered the worst and best experiences. So let the experiences begging. 

Kelshaire Ellis Age: 19 “My worst Valentine’s Day 
Next to Christmas I always look forward to Valentine’s Day regardless of any situation I’m in. But February 13, 2016 was one of the worst days of my life which then lead to my worst Valentine’s Day. 
I had made plans to meet up with my boyfriend. A boy I’ve known for about 3 years or so. We made these plans from December and everything was in place for these plans to be successful. My best friend and I are always pranking people so we decided to prank my boyfriend. So I gave her his number and told her to act as if she’s a random girl who came across his number in her phone and decided to message him. She did exactly that. Every detail of their conversation she screenshot it and sent me. So she asked him if he had a girlfriend and his response was a ‘NO’ and I was shocked out of my pants that evening. How could he disown me? Am I not enough? I know he has done this before cause he speaks to countless amount of females? These were the questions I asked myself. I then forward the screenshots and told him that it’s over. I cried from that day straight into Valentine’s Day. I even had an exam on that day which I was too confused and hurt to study for and I failed. 
That was an experience I hope not to have again”
Kasheka Thomas Age: 20 “The best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had 
Me and my best friend did everything and went everywhere together. We really know how to turn up. Valentine’s Day was approaching and we had plans to go to the movies because we both don’t have a Valentine.

Even though we lived close to each other he said that I must meet him at Carib because he’s gona be busy and I was too caught up by the fact that Valentine’s Day was the next day and what happened the last Valentine’s Day with my ex.

So I got ready. Of course I was late. Like always. I saw him buying the tickets when I arrived. “Yuh eva late innuh my girl. Jah know.”, was what he blast out at me when, I went beside of him and then we laughed cause we both knew that that’s never going to change. After the movies we decided to get something to eat in New Kingston after which we went home.
He walked me home and normally he would just tell mommy bye and chat little in the living room then leave, but as I reach my room door my sister came and grabbed my face and I felt him rush in my room and then she moved her hand and there he was standing beside my bed which was filled with red and white balloons and chocolate along with a huge teddy bear. Tears filled my eyes and he ran over to me saying that I must not cry and gave a card to me and it said 
Kelly. I’ve known you for years now. Words can’t explain how much I love and care for you but my actions will. I read it out loud then he went on his knee then I started crying even harder, then he said to me, “Will you be mine?”
I didn’t know what to say and my sister whose videoing the whole thing shouted, “say yes big head!” And that was it, I was now my bestfriend’s girlfriend. And from that day on I was more than happy.

  • Valentine’s Day should not be the only time you show your significant other you appreciate their love, it would be shown everyday not just on special occasions like Birthday, anniversary or it’s a holiday season. 
  • Valentine day is just an upper hand regarding if you have a special someone (or a secret admirer) it’s a chance to prove your love with all means to impress whether it’s a bottle of wine, a sweet weekend getaway, jewelry, body care or perfume. But the main attraction of that day is a RED ROSE with Chocolate, those are a girls best friend on that day.
  •  Valentine day is best spent with someone you love. In the chance of creating memories together, gathering your greatest romantic experience in order to show your love to each other. the worst throw offs is your significant other stating he does not celebrate the day, then and there they makes it clear your feelings are irrelevant word if it’s a day you look forward to. Then you making plans for something special but end up hearing they rather hang with their friends, when clearly the day was meant for couples. That also send a message of neglect, I do hope no one goes through this experience who really care for this day.
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