‘Force Ripe’ launches high-school tour

Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

HIGH-SCHOOLERS ACROSS Jamaica are in for a treat as Barracks Entertainment takes Force Ripe, its gripping comedy-drama, on a promotional tour to more than 12 schools.

Recently, the tour kicked off at The Queen’s School, where students were given a taste of the inspiring tale of Tiffany Palmer (played by Crystal Fletcher and alternated by Shauneca Wollery), a 15-year old who suffers abuse at the hands of her mother, Cherry (played by Belinda Reid and alternated by Jodian Findley) and stepfather (played by André Bennett and alternated by Rory Roberts). Thankfully, it is Tiffany’s warrior neighbour, Miss Cora (played by Gracia Thompson), who rescues her from a gloomy future.

Like The Queen’s School, a number of other high schools are scheduled to preview the production on their campuses. Some of the schools in the line-up are Meadowbrook, Vauxhall, Dinthill, Charlemont, St Catherine High, St Jago High, Tarrant High, and Asott High, among others. Students are excited because they are familiar with the high-quality productions and the fanfare that comes with a Barracks Entertainment takeover – giveaways, prizes and a bellyful of laughter.

Force Ripe, a play written by Fabian Barracks in 2015, was lauded for its brilliant message of rising above adversity, which was coupled with an excellent musical complement that had schoolers dancing after each scene.

The play, which also won an Actor Boy award for Best Children’s Theatre, opened on February 12, at The Queen’s School and runs until April. The play will be showing at the newly established Barracks Theatre, located at 53 Molynes Road.

School groups that are interested in attending the play should indicate an interest to Barracks Entertainment on Instagram and Facebook. Sponsors of this production are TVJ, RE TV, Ojay’s Koolers, Sophia’s, Chas E. Ramson, Foska Oats, Magic Malt, Kisko, Santa Carolina, Adidas, Volcano Godolife Water, Printing Expressons, CH Photography, and Mariels.

Barracks Entertainment is an organisation that places primary emphasis on youth ‘edutainment’. Productions are aimed at spreading cultural awareness and addressing social issues that affect young people. For the past nine years, they have consistently produced plays that aim to impact positive messages, while offering practical solutions to youth and parents alike. Barracks Entertainment is known for popular plays such as Black Sheep, Barrel Pickney, and Wah Sweet Nanny Goat, which were all aired on TVJ as a mini-series.

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