Young entrepreneurs host 'Spa Party'

Mickella Anderson

Youthlink Writer

Imagine having the caress of delicate skin-care products against your face, sipping on a rich protein shake while listening to good music in an atmosphere that soothes and excites. That's what you missed if you weren't at the Jamaica Conference Centre on Saturday, October 8.
Dubbed 'Spa Party', the event was put on by a group of young entrepreneurs who form part of the Herbalife group known as GenH Jamaica. The day's proceedings saw guests having the opportunity to learn about and properly administer their own facials, a feature which, according to team leader and backbone of the event Cohdia Mitchell, is trending worldwide.

"It's a DIY, so nobody is touching anybody's skin; you have to go to school to learn to become an aesthetician. I am a skin-care instructor and what I'm showing them (the youngsters) is how to show someone else how to have great skin. Ordinarily, you can just do a DIY within itself, but we have put together a party where people can come, have fun, have a meal and have great skin in a complete package."

Mitchell also asserted that the GenH brand prides itself on much more than just earning potential; self-development and harnessing those entrepreneurial skills matter. "What I'm teaching the teens is how to set goals for themselves. I do spa days for a living and my son got involved. Using the system that we have, we are allowing teenagers to see entrepreneurship as simply creating a concept and then really following through."

For the teens involved, hard work has paid off. "This has really built my character, because I know now how to react in certain situations due to the training I have received in the meetings," disclosed team member Ivy Buckley. Her colleague, 19-year-old Shadae Miller, also shared similar sentiments with Youthlink. "I got started when I was 18, and it has been a wonderful journey. Financially, it has been great because of the money management classes, so it's definitely something anyone can look into. I've made over $300,000 in total since I've been a part of this movement."

The group says it intends to make spa parties a monthly thing going forward, and that customers can look forward to even greater deals over time. Check them out on Facebook at GenH Ja, or give them a call at 782-7490.