Would you rather - Relationships

Diana Arias-Lazcano, Youthlink Writer

1. Your friendship with a close friend is tearing apart because you both like the same person and neither one wants to give him/her up. Would you rather just step back and let your friend have the person OR talk to him/her about it?

Step back - 30%
Talk it out - 40%

"He can have her, look how much girl de inna Jamaica." - Carlos R., 15

"I would talk to her, friendships shouldn't end ova man ..." - Amanda M., 17

2. You met this cool girl/guy over Facebook and you two seem to really like each other. However, any time you want to go out with him/her, there is always an excuse as to why he/she cannot go. Would you rather keep trying OR give up?

Give up - 80%
Keep trying - 20%

"It would just seem fishy to me that this person always has an excuse as to why he wouldn't want to go out with me." - Aaliyah T., 14

"I would just try to find out the real reason as to why she doesn't want to go out. Maybe work from there." - John M., 16

3. Your friends invite you to a party but every time you want to go to a party (by yourself), it causes an argument between you and your girlfriend/boyfriend. Would you rather not go to the party and avoid another pointless argument OR go to the party and deal with the consequences later?

No party - 60%
Party - 40%

"I mean, I would feel a way that she doesn't trust me enough to be OK with me going out with my friends; but if she has a real issue with it, then I would just avoid the argument and stay home, maybe hang out with her instead." - Treyvon B., 18

"Me a go to the party and enjoy myself; if him wan' vex, make him vex." - Shayana W., 17

4. Your friends tell you about some rumours going around about your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you. Would you rather speak to him/her about it OR ignore it because they are just rumors?

Talk about it - 30%
Ignore it - 70%

"Speak with him. I've learnt the hard way to not ignore something and think that it will go away; it will just make things worse." - Crystal M., 17

"I would ignore it because rumours, most times, are lies and if she's my girlfriend then I would know her well enough to know whether or not she would be capable of doing something like that." - Matthew F., 16