Renee McPherson, Youthlink Writer

For 18-year-old Laakan McHardy, acting provides solace and a playground where she can comfortably release her creativity and passion for the performing arts.

Is dishonesty necessary to achieve success?

Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

One cannot help but think that dishonesty has become the norm in this global space we call home. Honesty has always been the popular message to preach, but few always follow through with the policy that 'It pays to be honest'.

Many actually argue that honesty is relative to the person and the individual situation, and several successful men and women have had to toe the honesty/morality line to achieve success. This begs the question: Is dishonesty necessary to achieve success?

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Ricardo Campbell, Youthlink Writer

Mom, dad ink

Natasha Stewart, Youthlink Writer

One cannot help but notice the trend in Jamaica of persons sporting a tattoo or a series of tattoos. Some get inked to express who they are, others, to honour the memory of a deceased loved one. Then there are those who do it to let the world know who their special someone is. What do people in the west think about getting a tattoo of their partner's name on their bodies? Would you do that?

Deneisha Dockery, 22