We are VR!

Payton Wilmott, Contributor

Please forgive my crude reference to VR Troopers, but I'm a nerd, and an old one at that! Anyhow, virtual reality is here and my hands-on experience with it is quite an impressionable one. This VR experience was possible with the Samsung Gear VR. The version tested was a demo unit meant to be used with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.


The Gear VR looks like scuba goggles into which you fit a Galaxy S6. The side panels are used for navigation and moving through the interface, so a good amount of swiping and tapping helps to navigate through the myriad of Samsung options and menus in the Milk VR app.

Hands-on experience

The Gear VR is slightly on the big side, and this is very noticeable when using it for long periods. Otherwise, the first time wearing this VR goggles, you'll be blown away! It feels so surreal. All the demos that were available in the demo unit showcased outstanding depth, ingenuity and clarity. There is even a feature to play video stored on your phone in a VR movie theatre with seats and a projector. After seeing that ... I have become a believer that VR is certainly the way forward in entertainment.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt about it, the Gear VR is definitely a good investment for anyone who is curious about VR. It is expensive at the moment, but there is hope on the horizon. Samsung has announced that they are making a cheaper, consumer version of the Gear VR that will be available this year for purchase. I will be the first in line once it's affordable.

The product mentioned in this article was provided by the Samsung Experience Store in Tropical Plaza. Telephone: 754-6370.