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Youthlink Writer
Chanel Spence

The ending of another school year is approaching and YouthLink wants to wish all school-leavers the
best of luck on their examinations. With that said:
As an upcoming graduate, judging the way times have changed, do you consider obtaining a degree to
be a vital addition that will allow you to live your dreams?

Name: Mario Allen
Age: 20
Response: No, I don’t think I need a degree to become an entrepreneur. Just need the right opportunity
and the right mindset. Besides, as far as I’ve been observing in “now-a- days” times, people just need to
have the right links.

Name: Shantie Ferguson
Age: 20
Response: You don’t necessarily, but society set a standard that you do. However, honestly if you can
beat the system you can surpass it. For example, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, he’s the most famous
entrepreneur and he didn’t have a degree to get where he’s at today.

Name: Marlon Lake
Age: 18
Response: I believe it depends on the field you are entering. Some areas definitely will require that you
have it and others not so much. It’s a matter of using wisdom and taking the right opportunity as it

Name: Danielle Lord
Age: 16
Response: Yes, I agree a degree will open doors for you in the future. It comes with marketable skills, an
education and more flexibility with which jobs you can take. As a college graduate rather than a non-
graduate your chances of being successful are increased.