Teacher's Day gift ideas

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Despite the fact that school may not be your favourite place in the world, it is possible for a teacher to be your favorite person in the world. Even so, teachers do so much for us. Yes, they teach us math, English and other subjects, but sometimes they can teach us so much more. Therefore, Youthlink believes that you should show your appreciation for your favorite teachers on Teacher's Day with special DIY gifts.

A sweet treat

A simple and possibly easy gift to give your teacher for Teacher's Day is sweet goodies. This can range from homemade cookies or a personalised goody bag. If your teacher is always complaining about eating healthy, then get her a classic apple or make apple tarts. Either way, your teacher will have his or her sweet tooth satisfied and a smile on their face.

Up close and personal

In order to really show your teachers that you care, give them something personalised. The fact that it is just for them will increase how special it is. Therefore, get them a personalised stationery or even write them a letter explaining how much they mean to you. I know your friends may call you a teacher's pet or something, but if you are grateful, show it with pride.

Show your creativity

This kind of gift could possibly be the most fun to pull off. A gift that really shows creativity is one that is fully made by you and can be literally anything you want just be creative. A fun and innovative idea is decorating a small flower pot and place a plant inside or if they love to read a handmade bookmark would be simple and perfect. Another great idea is getting a plain mug and decorating it. It does not matter the amount of money you spend but rather the thought that went into the gift.

Something useful

Often students get gifts that teachers love but cannot always use often or in their everyday lives. Therefore get something they can use often and always be reminded of you, this can be a tote bag, or simple school supplies that they always need and complain about not having. However instead of just giving it to them, wrap it or add a funny note.