Science gets Swag

Feature: Doing sciences has become really cool, thanks to an exciting, new project launched by the JN Foundation recently at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston.The brand new project, Science Genius Jamaica, is an expansion of the Science Genius programme in the United States of America, founded by 'hip-hop' Professor Christopher Emdin, associate professor of science, mathematics and technology at Columbia University in New York.Grade-nine students from 20 participating schools in the project will create an arsenal of dancehall songs using purely scientific and mathematical content over a four-week period, under the supervision of their science teacher and also a music teacher, as well as popular dancehall artistes such as Tifa and Wayne Marshall, who will be their mentors and coaches.Ttwo rounds of classic dancehall clashes for prizes, which include funds to upgrade their science laboratory and an individual cash prize for the top student, among various other rewards, will then follow.And, they're off to a great start!

Here are some highlights from the launch: