Biko Kennedy, Youthlink Writer It's hard not to get caught up in the spirit of Boys and Girls' Championships (Champs). Clad in school colours from head to toe, that Friday march to the National Stadium, being stopped and searched by numerous law enforcers along the way ... the works ... nothing else gets the adrenalin pumping quite like this.
Biko Kennedy and Whitney Blackwood, Youthlink Writers
Biko Kennedy and Whitney Blackwood, Youthlink Writers When we were younger, we dreamt about a blissful relationship with that special someone, falling in love and, ultimately, getting married, thanks to all those romantic movies (The Notebook, for sure) and one-dimensional R&B songs. As the years pass and reality creeps in, we struggle to find that ideal relationship and our happily ever after slowly becomes filled with box jellyfish venom.
Biko Kennedy, Youthlink Writer It's that time of year again. The wintry winds are blowing and there is a hum of celebration and excitement in the air. You try to lie in bed, quieting your chaotic mind, but your head spins with gift ideas and candle-lit delights. And the food ... ooh, you can't forget the food and the way its carnival of smells pulls and tugs at your senses.
Whitney Blackwood, Youthlink Writer
Whitney Blackwood, Youthlink Writer
Whitney Blackwood, Youthlink Writer
Whitney Blackwood, Youthlink Writer You may be the most accomplished player among your peers or the helpless romantic who wines and dines all the women who burrow through your life. Either way, there's one thing you both have in common; you lack the ability to keep a woman wholeheartedly interested all the time. Of course, there are some of you guys who have discovered and mastered this, and kudos to you, but you are few and far between. For the majority of you out there, let's see if these simple tricks can be used to your advantage.
Biko Kennedy, Youthlink Writer I once 'aggressively encouraged' a friend to initiate a conversation with a girl to whom he was very attracted. I could see how nervous and anxious he was to approach her, but he wasn't the covertly shy type so I assumed that he simply lacked confidence and (as is the case for most guys) feared being rejected. So, after some minutes of my awesome 'lawyer-esque' persuasion, he eventually went up to her and attempted to charm her.
Whitney Blackwood, Youthlink Writer Males have traditionally been looked upon as hard-working, having the ability to take charge of most situations and offering strength and a sense of security to their female counterparts.