Prince Pine

Narda Stephenson: Contributor

He's 5'11", slender and rocks a jagged, pineapple-top fade. His bashful smile reveals perfectly aligned teeth caged behind braces. To some, he's K'Vonne Legore, but to many he's Prince Pine.

With 222,000 Instagram followers, the 21-year-old vlogger who runs around in his boxers has garnered the attention of social media users with his 'Oh' catchphrase, unusual but memorable song lyrics, and comedic videos that parody local celebrities, Jamaican culture, and everyday life. With his new-found stardom, Prince Pine is steadily becoming a household name. Youthlink caught up with the My Girl Dem star to talk about his journey thus far, his recent successes and future career plans. 

Youthlink (YL):Who is K'Vonne Legore?

Prince Pine (PP): K'Vonne Legore is from Portmore, St Catherine. I'm weird, I love comedy, singing, playing football and visiting weird places. Oh, and I love pineapples.

YL: Which comedians do you like?

PP: Jim Carey, Kevin Hart, when it comes to the stand-up part of it. I'd like to do stand-up [comedy] one day. I practise, but I want to get better. I also watch Chris Rock.

YL: What is the Pine Movement?

PP: The Pine Movement started off with two or three people, but grew bigger as we went along. It's basically just a group of friends who do everything together as one, not just comedy; we have each other's back.

YL: What influenced you to start making videos for social media?

PP: Vine. Vine had just started, and I used to watch King Bach videos, so I said to myself, 'I can do this', so I downloaded it (the Vine app) and made a couple videos. Vine only allowed six seconds [videos] and I didn't know how to get to a point that quickly. So when Instagram came out with videos longer than six seconds, I tried it. People liked it, so I continued.

YL: When your videos became popular and you started getting great feedback, what was your parents' response?

PP: If me nah go school! LOL. When I just started, dem never really tek to it or even imagined that it would get this big, but after a while they got used to it. When I won the YVA (Youth View Awards for Favourite Social Media Personality), they said I must be doing something good if I'm getting recognised.

YL: How did it feel winning your first YVA?

PP: Mind-blowing! It was a really great feeling.

YL: Cyberbullying is a major problem on social media and can have a severe impact on teens. Have you experienced cyberbullying? How would you advise teens who are going through this?

PP: Yes, even now I'm being cyberbullied, but you just have to ignore it. People who cyberbully probably have one bag a problems and choose to tek it out on other people. It's best to just ignore dem and even use what dem seh to build yourself up and mek yourself stronger.

YL: Do you actively think about being a role model?

PP: Well, sometimes. Recently, a lot of younger children come up to me and seh, 'Oh, I wanna be just like you when I grow up' and that I'm their role model. I don't really see it, but I guess I'm doing a good thing.  

YL: You recently became a brand ambassador for Bigga, and have performed at many high schools. What has this journey been like for you?

PP: It's been surprising because when I visit schools outside of Kingston and St Catherine, I'm here thinking that they probably don't know me or whatever, but the greeting that I get is just amazing. It's wonderful and I appreciate it.

YL: Being a brand ambassador, do you feel pressured to behave in a specific way? Has it changed/affected the content of your videos?

PP: Well, I don't feel pressured. I just have to be careful of certain things. It hasn't changed my content because I try to keep my videos clean so that the entire family can watch them. It has just been more work.

YL: Has all this popularity affected your personal life?

PP: Yes, some places I don't really go again because I don't want to be rude or anything. Sometimes, if I go out and have dinner, somebody would come up to me and say, 'Can I get a picture?' and if I don't, the girl get vex and seh, 'Can't bother with you yuh nuh'. I guess it's just something I have to work with.

YL: Do you plan to expand your videos from just social media? How do you plan to further your career?

PP: During the summer, I got a little role in a movie (Sprinter, starring Elli the Viner) and I actually liked it, so I would like to do more movies, and even stuff for local television. I'd also like to do [videos for] YouTube.

YL: What advice would you give to teens who are still trying to find themselves?

PP: Just don't care about what anybody wants to say about you; just be yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something because you look a certain way or whatever. Ugly a di new sexy (LOL), so just be you.

YL: Have you ever thought about getting formal training in acting?

PP: Yes, before [this] I wanted to go to Edna [Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts], but I changed my mind really quick. I'm actually starting UWI now. I'll be studying language and communications. I wanted to go to CARIMAC so I could do film production, but they said I wasn't eligible.

YL: Are you dating anyone?

PP: Sometimes on the weekend, LOL.