Press Release: Logos Hope brings 400 volunteers from 60 countries to Jamaica in May

Logos Hope’s 400 volunteers from 60 nations wave their flags during the Annual Bow day.

When the world’s largest floating book fair, Logos Hope, comes to Jamaica on May 12, there will be 400 volunteers from over 60 nations on board, including one Jamaican who joined as deck department cadet in September, 2015.
He is Joel Fletcher from Kingston, who first heard about the Logos Hope while studying to be a deck officer at the Caribbean Maritime Institute.
Deck cadets are required to have at least one year’s experience at sea, so that drove Joel to look at various options for his first year at sea.   Inspired by the ship’s vision, he applied and was accepted to join while the ship was docked in Malaysia.
“The atmosphere onboard is amazing,” Joel said. “Being on the ship and seeing the way the crew members interact without any serious conflict, has restored my faith in humanity,” he said.
Over the year, Joel has travelled to 20 countries on board the Logos Hope.
“I’ve learned that sometimes our life is handed to us on a silver platter and we don’t realise it until we see that people around the world crave what we have, and take for granted,” Joel said.
Volunteers on board the Logos Hope can be away from their families and friends for two years and over.  The crew members bring with them a wide variety of qualifications.  They are engineering officers, plumbers, carpenters, bookkeepers, cooks and other professionals; while there are others without any qualification who join out of a willingness to serve. Although they all come from different backgrounds, the crew members have a common goal – that to serve people worldwide through social service projects and good literature.
MV Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships e.V., an international, charitable organisation registered in Germany. Since 1970, the organisation has welcomed over 45 million visitors up the gangways in over 150 countries and territories around the world.
MV Logos Hope will open to the public in Kingston at Rockfort Cement Factory from May 12 to June 11, 2017. Opening hours will be: Tuesday through Saturday: 10:00 to 21:00 hrs; Sunday: 14:00 to 21:00 hrs, while the ship will close on a Monday. Entrance fee: J$200 per person, with children under 12 years and adults over 65 years old will be free. Children must be accompanied by adults. For more details visit:

Joel Fletcher on the Logos Hope deck.